Is your guy bestie behaving strangely lately? Is your sixth sense indicating that maybe he wants to be more than friends with you, but how do you confirm this? 

You visualize how it would be if that turns out to be true. On the plus side, you people have good chemistry, mutual interests and you really enjoy being with each other, and one day everything will fall in place, as they say. This might be a guy that you just met or a friend from childhood that you've known for ages. Either way, you have this psychic vibe that the connection with him is more than a friend. Now you want to know if that's a real thing, moreover, does he feel the same for you?

Of course, you can't blurt out: 'Hey, Madhur, are you in love with me or Are you looking me as a potential girlfriend', urgh!! would be too awkward. 

Do not worry because we are one step ahead of you. Here are 8 signs which will help clear your doubts and maybe start a new love story! :D

1. He Finds Ways To Touch You

Guy putting his hand on girl's shoulder

In India, we normally associate this word, "touch" in a negative manner for obvious reasons but here I'm talking about the right touch which is innocent and warm. This guy can't take his hands off you and will often find ways to touch you (believe me) most of the times, it is unintentional and he does that without even realizing it. You see him wiping off your something romantically from your cheek and the handshakes with him will often last longer than usual.

2. The Way He Talks Is Not A Friendly Tone

Instead, it is more than that. He doesn't talk with you like he does with his squad, he drops that machoism and is pleasantly softer when he is with you. Have you observed him talking to other people, especially with women? Does he talk with them in the same way as he talks with you? Is he interested in unimportant details? Monitor his body language, does he maintain a steady eye-contact with them? Is he smiling a lot with them? Is he touchy with them? If not, this guy is all into you.

3. He Can Hear You All Day

Couple talking on couch

You can tell him endless stories and this guy won't complain for a second. He wants to know it all: from your deepest fears to even the most ordinary achievements, from your childhood memories to your future fantasies, as if he wants to live these experiences of yours. Mind you, guys don't do that with every friend, if he is doing this, he is looking for a deeper connection with you.

4. He Is Nervous Around You

Remember, your handsome senior who was your crush? Now, do you remember how foolish you acted around them? Awkward, Awkward, Awkward :P 

Chill, we all have been there and that's a common thing if you are around a person with whom you want a romantic relationship. Though your friend is pretty confident in general  but you often find him doing stupid things around you, its a sign that he is nervous and you know what I mean,right? 😉

5. His Memory Is Extra-Strong When It Comes To You

Cute couple

He is very forgetful in nature but you have clearly observed that he is good at remembering even the smallest details about you. No one does that for a general friend and you know that, don't you? 😉 He is always investing himself in knowing minute details about you which he keeps feeding his mind. Your birthday, your achievements, your pet's birthday, he has learnt it all by heart.

6. He Is Doing Things That Are Out Of His League

A distinct indication is when he is going out of his ways for you. Late night parties were not his thing but he is doing it with you, he is an occasional shopper but he is spending 6 hours at a mall just for you, he doesn't like red but he wears because that is your favorite color. In a nutshell, this guy will leave no stone unturned to keep you happy.

7. He Will Always Find Ways To Be In Touch With You

Woman on her phone

You read memes about a guy contacting through e-mail when his girl-friend blocked him from all her social media accounts? Undoubtedly, this can be very creepy when you don't want that guy back in your life, but if you want him back, it becomes so romantic. You've moved into a new city but he would travel miles to meet you, he might consider changing his job location to your city. If this isn't love then I don't know what is.

8. He Gets Jealous When You Talk About Other Guys

Okay, this can even turn into hard conversations where you sometimes don't know what went wrong. You asked another guy to help you out and he might be hurt why he wasn't your first preference at the time of crisis. Tell me, which guy on Earth would be hurt for this matter? Just him. You could notice a change in his voice, he would want to know more about this friend of yours, to know how important role does the other guy plays in your life. Girl, you've got other guy friends too, do they all get jealous? Of course, not then why is he? 

BONUS: You will notice a clear difference when you observe the way he looks at you. Hey pretty, we got divine powers in telling the true intentions of those little eyes, haven't we?

I hope this article cleared all your doubts, tell us whether are you considering him as your love or not? 😉

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