We all have some goals to achieve and some dreams to fulfil. And we know that there is no shortcut to success and hence we need to work hard in order to get all our wishes fulfilled. But is only hard work enough?

Maybe not, in order to make our mind to do the hard work we need something called motivation and support. That motivation may come from our near ones or maybe from someone we consider as our role model or inspiration.

We all have heard of motivational speakers, haven't we? In this article, I will talk about a motivational speaker who talks about changing a person's life with their talks, and sessions.

Are their claims true? Can a motivational speaker actually change your life?

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Who Are Motivational Speakers?

''A motivational speaker, also known as an inspirational speaker, is someone who delivers speeches with the intention of motivating or inspiring the people in the audience. Typically, he or she has a reputation as an expert on the subject being discussed and will encourage the audience to look at things from a different perspective and to become more attentive to their own talents and abilities.''

From the above-mentioned definition, we can make out that a motivational speaker can motivate and inspire us to achieve success in our lives through their inspirational talks and experience sharing! 

These days, there are millions of motivational speaker, all across social media. Here I am talking specifically about social media because these days we rely on the internet for everything, even for motivation! 

So when we seek motivation and inspiration we scroll through the web to see if we find something that can help us. This marks the entry of a motivational speaker.

We start watching the videos where the speaker shares his/ her wisdom and motivational words.  They speak on many things like personal development, career, relationships and much more.

At one point in time, we start idolising them. But are they worth it?

Are Motivational Speakers Worth Your Time?

If you have followed or listened to any motivational speaker, you must have noticed that all they do is spread positivity. In most of their speeches, they try to establish that everyone is perfect and things won't go wrong if we follow their advice.

Now you might argue that spreading positivity is not wrong. Yes! I agree! But there are times when certain speakers try to speak fake positivity. They say things which probably you want to listen. 

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You will probably get to hear things like, ''You are awesome''“Make every day awesome” or “no pain, no gain”, “never give up”, “keep driving forward”, “fake it ‘til you make it”. Piles and piles of positivity, which is far away from harsh reality and to be honest quite vague.

I am not trying to say that listening to motivational speakers won't benefit you at all. Maybe sometimes it does. But one thing which we cannot deny is that most of the motivational speakers ask you to do the things which they probably don't follow in their personal lives!

They make millions of money by speaking at different programmes, through their social media videos and other collaboration.

Are They Frauds?

Here I am not generalizing all motivational speakers. But truth has to be spoken. As mentioned earlier, these speakers earn in millions by spearing delusional wisdom and fake positivity most of the times.

Without an ethical framework of any meaningfulness, our society empowers those that embody their values - in this case, a society that regularly sells its soul requires priests of that selling. 

Motivational speakers and life coaches preach the gospel of capitalism- produce more, don't be sad, live a long, healthy, boring, life, don't question, don't fight, adapt to the dominant forces, embrace superficial diversity, and consume, consume, consume. 

Most of the times they sell their own stories and experiences for financial gain.

So in a word many speakers use this just as a tool to fool people and earn something big. Because it is something like a ''Modern religion" that is growing there. 

People want to hear such things that make them feel good and comfortable about themselves. 

People used to turn to religion for this use but nowadays people want something/ someone they can relate to and here we are now idolising motivational speakers.

So my advice here will be the best way to personally improve is to look at oneself, and work hard to find the right path. Just listening to others may never bring as much success.

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