Are you afraid of trying a foundation because it makes your face look cakey? Have you ever been in a situation where you made extra efforts to lift up your makeup but it instead came down giving you a terrible look because of your wrong shade of foundation? Isn't it the scariest makeup mistake ever.

To be very honest, I have a history of changing many foundations and have never achieved the perfect foundation look, it either made my shade darker or fairer like a chalkboard. It was then that I chose to speak to Vani, my friend who has a history of winning beauty pageants. Being a makeup expert, she was my best bet to level up my foundation game. She was kind enough to tell me the art of choosing the right foundation shade and today while I write this, I own a foundation matching my skin finally!!

Here are some excerpts from the learnings that were passed on :

1. Find Your Undertone

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Indian Beauties are blessed with diverse skin tone. We don't have people segmented only on the basis of fair or dark but we've got a bunch of variety in between. Some people have a nice wheatish tone while some are Indian Rihanna blessed with a dusky look to die for. With so many skin tones, we've got so many foundation shades and finding your perfect fit for you becomes a gigantic challenge however, your ride to perfect match becomes so smooth when you know your undertones. Don't be afraid, you can check it by just checking your veins on your wrist.

Green Veins- Warm Undertones, find a foundation with a yellowish tint.

Blue Veins- Cool Undertones, find a foundation with a pinkish tint.

Mixed colour/ Unidentifiable- Neutral Undertone, find a foundation with a peachy tint.

2. Check & Check Again

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A lot of people buy foundations offline, well, I'd recommend the same if you are not sure of the right shade but please don't check it on the back of your hand. There is a huge complexion difference in the skin colour on the back of your hand and your face (owing to corona crisis, we now have fairer hands though! #optimistic😛), which is why I will suggest you to always check it on your lower cheek. If it blends very well, then you have found your ultimate match.

3. Powder/Creamy/Liquid Foundation

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We also have different skin types which might leave you confused on your journey of hunting the perfect foundation shade.

For Dry Skin

Choose a Creamy or Liquid foundation which will keep your skin hydrated all the time. Any other type of foundation can make your skin drier and dull, so stick to a moisturizing, creamy formula.

For Oily Skin

Choose a Powder Foundation to save you from any breakouts and will even out any pimples. 

Tip: It takes less time to apply compact foundations.

4. Foundation Doesn't Make You Fair

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Forget about anyone, I myself had this myth conceived in my mind that foundations are used to whiten the skin. Results? I painted myself with a fist full of it and wow so white!. "To err is Human" considering which I learnt from my mistake and moved on to be more knowledgeable and lovable to my skin colour. Foundations are used to even out your skin and not to make it fair". It will cover your blemishes, acne and pigmentation because that is its goal. If you want to be fair, it's your choice and I respect that, move to other home-remedies to naturally lighten your skin colour. 

Bonus Tip: Always set your foundation by a loose powder or a compact after you're done applying it. If not, it will come in contact with air and get oxidised which may make you look weird.

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