What is every anaemic's staple food? Yes, we are talking about beetroots here. These deep magenta hued taproots are all over the internet and also on our mother's health magazines under the tag 'superfood'.

Why are beetroots becoming a kitchen favourite and why is our body so fond of them, we'll find out.

We bring you,


  • Beetroots contain truckloads of essential nutrients. Vitamin C, fibers, vitamin B2, potassium, and antioxidants that help them accommodate a place for themselves on the salad plate.
  • Beetroots are the answer to anaemia. They help bring up haemoglobin levels in our blood. I'm pretty sure I've heard my gynaecologist's beetroot suggestions quite a lot of times now.
  • It helps lower blood pressure and is excellent for increasing exercise capacity. If you're planning your fitness diet, make sure there's enough beetroot in the room.
  • It clears your blood and your skin in turn. It prevents skin from pigmentation and provides you with a bright complexion.
  • Beets also help in reducing dark circles and wrinkles when applied directly to the skin.

I expect you to now, at least now, agree with me that BEETROOTS ARE ALL YOU NEED.

Despite the numerous benefits on health, on the culinary side of the plate, beetroots also provide us with an exquisite taste and a magnificent royal colour.

How to add beets to our meals? Here's a list of my favourite beetroot recipes that'll always top my list of 'health+taste eats'.   

1. Salad With Beets

Beetroot salad
Picture courtesy- scrambled chefs

Beetroots go great with all kinds of salads. They add a great crunch to it, and the intense magenta helps add a pop of colour as well.

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2. Fried Rice 

beetroot fried rice
picture courtesy: davinadavegan

You haven't had a bowl of fancy fried rice yet if the colour isn't pink! Grated beetroot cooked with fried rice is very healthy and very Instagram-able.

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3. Beetroot Halwa

beetroot halwa

You thought Gajar ka halwa was where the story ends, but here's another root that's ready to be served as a dessert. Beetroot halwa is gorgeous in every way possible. It has exceptional taste and is super easy to cook.

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4. Beetroot Cutlets

beetroot cutlet
picture courtesy: hebbar's kitchen

As the name suggests, beetroot cutlets are just beetroots (grated) mixed with mashed potatoes. They can be served with green chutney with a dash of lemon juice.

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5. Beetroot Chutney

picture courtesy: vegrecipesofindia

Adding a cup of grated beetroots to your simple peanut chutney along with sauteed garlic, onions and tomatoes gives you this beauty. It is super easy to make and tastes incredible.

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6. Beetroot Curry

beetroot curry
Picture courtesy: foodism

Last but not the least, beetroot curry cooked in coconut milk and served with steamed rice is a winner-winner stew dinner recipe. This is an incredibly comforting dish. It is easy, quick, and gives major home vibes.

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Try cooking these recipes at home this quarantine and let me know how they turned out. Follow us for more content and make sure you check out our other articles as well.