Instagram is the place to put your best edit forward. Whether photographers or influencers, everybody is working towards presenting appealing edits on this platform with the help of editing apps. Editing apps can help you achieve varied aesthetics for your pictures. Whether its the retro aesthetic with sepia tones or a soft girl vibe with bright pastels and sparkles all over the picture, editing apps can do it all. 

Here is a list of my favourite editing apps:



PicsArt is the answer to all my editing requirements. It's user friendly and gives access to a wide range of editing options. Whether adding stickers or tuning skin colour, PicsArt can do it all. 

Get the app here: Android - iOS



This very famous app is used worldwide for editing and enhancing pictures. It is so famous that an entire aesthetic goes by the name of the app. Vscogirls is a familiar term we've all heard right? It's after this app that the entire vscogirl trend started. (quite evidently). It is easy to use and it gives the pictures the right amount of colour punch.

Get the app here: Android - iOS



One of my favourite apps, Snapseed sure is a saviour for my pictures. It provides users with a good number of editing options. From basic brightness to advanced brushes, Snapseed offers all kinds of editing tools.

Get the app here: Android - iOS



I recently discovered this app and I must say it's so cooooool. If you're a kpop stan or an e-girl who loves to edit her pictures and videos, Snow is the right app for you. It has so many options of not only editing and adding filters to your pictures but also to your videos which is only available on other apps when you pay for that feature. Snow is free and very user friendly. 

Get the app here: Android - iOS



I came across this app quite recently and thank God I did. It is such a handy app with great filters, brush tools, and even collage options. It is easy to operate and is my go-to app for editing. 

Get the app here: iOS

Try these apps out and let me know if I've missed any from the list that you use and like. Don't forget to check out our other content.

Happy editing!

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