Elle18 is a brand with dramatic colours that are too beautiful to ignore, Isn't it?

Today, We are gonna discuss about Elle18 Color Pop Matte Lipsticks which come in a whopping 20 colours. Yeah, that big number often tends to make people confused about what lip-shade would actually fit them, and this article is going to be saviour for all you confused souls.

Here are the Top 5 lip-shades which are loved by girls everywhere.

1. Mauve Date: Mauve With Pink Undertones.

Hands down, the most popular lip-shade in this series. This color has been a "love at first apply" for all the beauty bloggers and YouTube Creators. Forget them, I myself wanted to buy this shade but it was out of stock for most of the times and no kidding, I've only stopped searching for this shade after lock-down happened.

Elle18 lipstick
Source: Amazon

2. Belgian Brown: Dark Brown

Do you know the additional benefit with brown lipsticks? You can also use it to contour your face. This shade is Bold and looks fabulous on most of the Indian Skin Tones. Elle18 also has a lip-shade of light brown color, but who needs to buy it when you can use this one lightly over your lips to get that shade.😉

3. Rockstar Red: Bold Red 

Most of us aspire to get the perfect red lipstick and have been disappointed on numerous occasions, Oh Girl! I feel your pain, been there, suffered that. This shade will put an end to your search for that perfect red pout and will keep you rocking throughout the day. Date nights/ Girls day out/ Dinner,  all outings sorted.

4. Grape Riot: Dark Pink With Purple Undertones

I can't even begin to describe how beautiful this shade looks after application, but excellent reviews do. One of the Best Seller from this series, Grape Riot is similar to the colour of an onion but you will only cry happy tears after applying it.

Elle18 lipsticks
Source: Amazon

5. Coral Dose: Warm Orange 

If you love that orangish-look on your lips, then Coral Dose is going to be your bae. Orange is a colour only preferred by daring girls who want to look different, mind you, orange lips are not an usual sight. This shade is a complete orange color but if you are looking for a pink tone with it, Let's Tango is the shade name. 

P.S: I recommend keeping an orange shade in your vanity for dramatic days.

Okay, I love the colors, but is this lipstick worth it? How long will it stay?


1. Matte lipstick at such a low cost i.e Rs.100 (yeah, no kidding).

2. Creamy Matte formula which doesn't convert your lips into the Thar Desert. While you apply it on your lips, it would feel creamy but after some minutes, it will turn into a matte lipstick. (its magic, it's magic).

3. Variety of shades to choose from and there is a perfect color for every skin tone.

4. Highly pigmented colors.

5. Stays for a decent period of time.

6.Mild fragrance which would not make you nauseated.

woman applying lipstick


1. It can transfer a bit in case you aren't cautious that you are wearing a lipstick.

2. Stays for 4 hours and you need to re-apply it again after this duration.

3. In case you are going for dinner, chances are that it may fade out after food intake.

You Should Buy It If :

1. You're a beginner at Matte lipsticks.

2. You want a matte lipstick in an affordable range. 

3. You will be going to short-duration outings.

4. You can take care of re-application in case of long-duration outings.

5. You are looking for a travel-friendly lipstick.

If you're gonna buy one, which shade you will invest in?

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