I know you all love manicure as much as I do but salon in this lockdown is nearly impossible. Well, applying colour street nails at home can be a great alternative to keep you all entertained. Colour Streets are really fun, easy, and affordable and we can have gorgeous nails with classic patterns & nail colours. If you need some brilliant ways to apply colour street nails at home, try these very simple hacks, these tips will help avoid any blunders.

Colour Street Nails
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1. Always Prepare Your Nails

It is important to make sure that your Colour Street nails will last long, hence you should prepare (buff & file) them before application so that the nails become smooth & colour sticks properly.            

2. Get Rid Of Oils or lotions On Your Hands

Do wash your hands to remove all the oils or lotions from your hands and avoid putting any product(lotion) on your hands for 30 mins prior to the application. You can also use pads to clean your nails before application.

3. Push Your Cuticles Back & Warm-Up Nails    

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Pushing your cuticles back will make your nails look longer, but do it gently. If nails are cold and are not up to the room temperature, you must warm them so that they stick properly. They should not be too hot or too cold.

4. Use Your Savage Tool: Thumb

This is an important step as you can use your thumb to remove the excess of gel, it will help your beautiful nails last longer. Make sure that you use your thumb as your “tool” and firmly press your nails to avoid any blunders.

5. Make Sure You Put A Double Layer

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Putting a double layer is another important step. It is my favourite thing, you should think of it as a second coat and put it. Double layering is recommended particularly when they are solids.

6. Remove The Wrinkles With Cuticle Press

Removing the wrinkles will smoothen the polish, so you cannot afford to skip this step. For removing the wrinkles you can preferably use a cuticle press. 

7. Clip Them Up

Clip your nails or file them down once you are done with the application part. This will give you really smooth & even tips without any ridges. It will also help you ensure that your nails last longer.  

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Do this procedure at night before going to bed for getting the best results. Even if you're new to the manicure world, I'm sure you can get amazing nails. Have Fun!

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