Who is a husband? How do you define a husband? What are the roles assigned to a husband? Is ‘husband’ gender-specific?

Are our definitions finally changing?

These are some questions we must routinely ask ourselves to check our thoughts, biases, and mindset.

The dictionary defines 'husband' as "a married man considered in relation to his spouse."

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What Comes Into Our Minds After Hearing The Word “Husband”?

Well, we just read the definition of a husband, but what are the first 5 things which immediately strike us, or what are some things we assume as soon as we hear this word?

For most of us, I am sure, we think of a man in a pant shirt and tie, with a laptop bag, grabbing a quick toast which his wife is running with, while he is late again for his office. A typical scenario of every household that has a married couple.

And yes, we consciously or unconsciously assume a ‘man’ as a husband, going to work and earning.

We also imagine him returning late from work, demanding dinner, and after that going to sleep.

What Is Wrong With This Imagination?

There's nothing wrong with this imagination, but only lack of open-mindedness and the inability to see things from different perspective troubles me.

Have we ever actually sat down with ourselves and questioned what is refraining us from imagining a woman and not a man.

For once, have we ever imagined a woman in a work outfit, rushing for the job, while the man is seeing off the kids??

History has it! Women are multitaskers, especially in today’s era. Think about single women who don’t have their spouse with them due to any reason, yet living their life with grace and handling all the responsibilities of both the parents.

From being the first one to get up at home, making meals, taking care of the kids, and even doing well at her workplace. Yes, a woman can make a good husband, depends on how you choose to define a husband; Is it mandatory that only a man can handle that position? Think about it.

Evolution: What About Same-Sex Marriage? Two Women In Marriage– Who Is The Husband?

Generally, we like to think of marriage as a union of a man and a woman but what about people who prefer their sex as their spouse and life partner. Does it mean that same-sex marriages aren’t successful because there is no ‘husband’ to fulfil their responsibilities? NO, not at all.

Two women who are in a marital relationship make a good couple and fulfil their responsibilities just as a man- woman couple is expected to do.

A woman does make a great husband while fulfilling all the responsibilities which the couple decides to assign themselves.

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Where Are We Personally Lacking?

We are lacking in self-awareness and we restrain ourselves from questioning our deep-seated conditioned beliefs.

These beliefs have been passed on to us from generations and our culture but we should never lose the ability to change and evolve.

How Can We Practice Removing These Beliefs?

Every time we come across a certain event, let's say, a couple where the husband cooks the food and takes care of the kids and the wife goes to work…and if we see ourselves getting negative and forming judgments …we should immediately stop and ask ourselves, what is leading us to this ??

Accepting our prejudiced opinions is the first step towards becoming a better individual in a society and then questioning our beliefs and countering them is the most courageous thing we can do to become an even better person.

So, think about the first 2 thoughts which you had at the beginning of this article when you just came across the topic?

Were they prejudiced? Did you question yourself consciously?? Did this article challenge those 2 thoughts?

Time to do some brainstorming!!!


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