Welcome to my world where Clumsiness is yet another excellent trait in discovering alternatives to clean up the mess that we created in a situation. If you keep tripping, breaking things up and creating a mess wherever you go, almost unintentionally then congratulations, you are officially a clumsy person. While People stare at you in such awkward situations and you feel nothing but embarrassment, think of it as an opportunity to make the best out of the situation. I wonder many useful hacks on which the world runs today, must be the contributions of many clumsy people who turned the tables.

In Kitchen, I'm the person who breaks my mom's crockery very often but such good are my cleaning skills that she can't deduce what happened at the crime scene 😉. Only on some unfortunate day, when she is reminded of a missing piece, my day is ruined 😛. If you're also an 'Aisa hota rehta hai mere sath' person, then here are some kitchen hacks to religiously follow when you end up in a similar situation.

1. Excess Salt 

While you're putting your best efforts to make a dish, this is something that will not only ruin the taste but your mood too. While you stand holding your head and thinking about what should be done to reverse the situation, this hack will come to your rescue.

Hack: Put A Raw Potato/Vinegar/Milk To Reduce Excess Salt. Raw Potato will absorb extra salt and you can remove it afterwards, Vinegar will trick your tongue to think everything's perfect and you can add milk to dilute the salt and spices. Remember, milk doesn't go well with every dish so the formers are commonly preferred.

2. Dear Onions, Don't Make Me Cry.

Something's wrong but it won't disturb your reading pace,pinky promise girl!

There was a time when I could smell such pictures and fear with my eyes. While I've got enough reasons to cry for, why do onions have to make me cry? This is the hack that was something I learnt on the very first day in the kitchen.

Hack: Cut The Onions Under A Tap While Water Is Running Over It.

3. Peeling Garlic aka Hard Work 

Garlic Peeling is something that is very frustrating, you invest a lot of time only to get just a few cloves of garlic. Owing to its delicious taste I couldn't skip it in any of my spicy dishes and so here's a hack that I created for myself.

Hack: Put Garlic Cloves in a bowl full of lukewarm water and you'll know, peeling garlic cloves was never this easy.

4. Sticky Noodles

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I love, love and love Hakka noodles but initially, when I started making them I was always disappointed by how they turned out after cooking. I remember, how the taste would be perfect but they would always stick with each other. Trust me, when I say that I've tried everything to make them presentable enough only to be disheartened by the end result. Fortunately, I discovered something that I will gladly share.

Hack: Buy Non-Branded Noodles, honestly, it works. Rinse your boiled noodles immediately in cold water and change water for six-seven times until you are sure that it contains no starch.

5. Burnt Utensil

Yeah, I'm exactly talking about that big black patch on the bottom of your stainless steel utensil. No matter how many times did we burn the utensil in past, we are never that perfect to not burn it again. Hence, an obvious hack which made its way to this article.

Hack: Boil some water with some amount of your dishwasher in the burnt utensil and keep it aside. After ten minutes, you can easily wash off those black stains.

6. Blocked Sprinkler 

Something's wrong but it won't disturb your reading pace,pinky promise girl!

We all have salt sprinklers at home and them getting blocked is an everyday story. Not that cleaning them is anything problematic but why to move an inch when you've got a hack to cover you.

Hack: Add a few grains of rice in the sprinkler and shake it well. Now trying sprinkling salt and thank me later. :)

I preach only what I've tried; stay assured when you try these hacks. Additionally here's a little tip: Always be ready with your ingredients before you start cooking, saves you from all the unpaid juggling 😉


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