Remember those days, when our mothers would make us sit down for a regular Champi ? Most of us have grown with the pleasant aroma of coconut oil escaping through our head into our noses. Just smelling Coconut oil can send you some strong nostalgic vibes, but what if I tell that it's more than a hair-oil?😉

Champi bole toh Coconut Oil!

Owing to its medicinal and therapeutic properties, coconut oil can help you with several situations and here are some peculiar ones :

1. Speeds Up Healing

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Open wounds have unstoppable blood flow which frustrates us to no end. That minor cut while chopping onions or a little scratch from sharp edges can be healed easily by applying coconut oil on the wound and covering it with a band-aid. 

2.  Bug Bites?          

This is an old-age trusted nuskha from our grandmothers who trusted coconut oil for obvious reasons. Applying Coconut Oil on your skin can be a repellent against bug bites and mosquito bites to some extent. Guess What? You do not even have to wash your hands after applying this, no chance of toxicity with an added advantage of soft hands.

3. Glossy Nails

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Since my teenage, I've seen girls with long-nails swearing by this hack for the extra shine. For a nail-chewer like me, who would even chew the cuticles while watching a suspense-thriller, this is a great way that acts as a quick healer to the ragged skin.

4. Chemical-Free Makeup Remover     

Ask Deepika Padukone and she will tell you that this is something that she has been practising since her struggling days. Coconut Oil removes the stubborn eye-makeup gently with no skin irritation. 

P.S: Using a facewash for the ultimate cleanup after makeup removal is always a good habit.

5. Sleek Furniture

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We hate stains. Don't We? If you've spilt anything on your favourite carpet or furniture then here's your game. Mix baking soda and coconut oil in equal proportion and spread the paste on the stain. Wipe it off after 5 minutes to remove the stain.

6. Moisturises Skin

If you're running out of a moisturizer, coconut oil is your one stop solution that you can trust upon. The most-dry areas like elbows, knees and heels should be moisturised regularly with coconut oil before going to bed. Some people also claim that coconut oil reduces darkness of underarms.

7. Happy Smiling

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For people like me, who like to have a cheesy smile with all their teeth in the display (yeah, like this emoji 😃), coconut oil can do wonders. Just a 10 minute swish with coconut oil can fight bacterias and save you from endless tooth problems such as plaque, stinky gums and tooth decay.

8. Good Bye, Eczema            

Owing to its Antifungal properties, Coconut Oil works effectively for skin disorders such as dermatitis or eczema. I personally know many people who have been treated for eczema using coconut oil.

Coconut Oil is a miraculous thing, isn't it? Let us know how many of these things have you tried for real.

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