Maintaining oral hygiene is a very important part of our lifestyle. Because none of us wants dental problems and other oral problems to hit us.

In order to maintain proper oral hygiene, there are many things that we do as a part of our daily routine. Apart from brushing regularly, there is another way that can help us maintain oral hygiene in a better way.

Anushka Sharma doing oil pulling and playing with her dog

That better way is Oil Pulling using coconut oil which is the latest way used by our favourite celebrity Anushka Sharma.

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What Is Coconut Oil Pulling?

Coconut Oil Pulling is basically a procedure in which one swishes coconut oil around the mouth just like mouthwash and then spits it after 15 to 20 minutes.

This is an ancient method when edible oils were used instead of mouth wash. And even now many people still practice it. It is believed that swishing coconut oil around our mouth helps dissolve bacteria in the oil, therefore keeping us away from oral and other dental problems.

Benefits Of Coconut Oil Pulling

1. Reduces Harmful Bacteria

Our mouth is the dwelling place of several bacterias. And the most harmful one among all the bacteria dwelling in our mouth is called the Streptococcus mutant.  Coconut oil pulling helps in reducing these harmful bacterias.

2. Reduces Bad Breath

Bad breaths are our biggest nightmares. But do you know why it is caused? Well, it is the result of chemicals and gases produced by the bacterias present in our mouth.

So oil pulling gets rid of bacterias and thus reduces bad breath. It is as basic as effective as other mouthwashes.

3.  Reduces Cavities

Cavities occur due to tooth decay as a result of bacteria buildup and other oral problems.

As per studies, coconut oil pulling decreases the number of harmful bacteria in the mouth, thus helping to prevent cavities.

4. Whitening teeth

Oil pulling can also whiten teeth by clearing stains from the surface of the teeth. 

Although there is no concrete evidence to this, several studies have shown that swishing coconut oil actually helps remove stains from our teeth. Thus making it crystal white!

5. Improves Gum Health

Gingivitis is a type of gum disease marked by red, swollen gums that bleed easily.

The bacteria found in plaque are a major cause of gingivitis, as they can cause bleeding and inflammation in the gums. Thus oil pulling may be an effective remedy to improve gum health and reduce inflammation.

As it reduces the harmful bacteria and plaque in the mouth that contribute to gum diseases. Apart from that coconut oil also has anti-inflammatory properties.

6. Cheap And Easy To Follow

Well, we know that edible coconut oil is very affordable. Thus it is the most cost-effective way to maintain oral hygiene.

 Apart from that, the procedure is also quite simple. All you need to do is to swish edible coconut oil around your mouth for 15-20 minutes every day.


These are the simple steps you can follow:

1. Take one tablespoon coconut oil

2. Swish it around in your mouth for 15–20 minutes just make sure you don't swallow it.

3. Spit it after swishing properly.

4. Now rinse your mouth thoroughly.

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What Does Anushka Say?

Anushka Sharma's Instagram post suggests that coconut oil pulling is incorporated into her daily morning routine. She shared her pictures of practising oil pulling in the morning while playing with her adorable furry friend. Read what she has to say regarding Coconut oil pulling,

"My morning ritual of Oil pulling in the company of my sweet-smoosh-doggo Dude 🐶! Oil pulling is an ancient Ayurvedic practise known as "kavala" or "gandusha" , a dental technique that involves swishing little oil in your mouth on an empty stomach for few minutes and then spitting it out . This action is excellent for dental hygiene & health and also draws out toxins in the body. As we are all using this time to take better care of our health and improve our immunity I thought of sharing this 😊 Hopefully, it will be as beneficial to you too🤗"

Anushka Sharma's oral hygiene

Is It Risky By Any Means?

Well, the method has not been scientifically proven as of now. So it is advisable not to replace it with our other day to day oral hygiene regime.

This method is not suitable for you if you have any kind of coconut allergy.


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