I am sure, this article is going to strike a chord in most women as we all have been a victim of stereotypes more than once in our life. 

Stereotypes inhibit the evolution of society as a whole and retards a woman's progress too. However, no matter what the stereotype is, we can always choose to NOT be a victim and defy them.

Here are some common stereotypes, which though are some easy traps to fall in, yet we have our common sense and an open mind to guide us through the way.

Choosing between yes or no

1. All Women Love Shopping And Gossiping

This stereotype has defined women with a very materialistic perspective. 

It is believed that every woman dreams only of shopping for new clothes and makeup etc and it is believed to such a length, that people take it as a way of apologizing to girls and try to make it up to them through promises of taking them to shop. 

This is so not the truth. People also tend to see women as gossip machines and makers, which is again a wrong perception. Not all women gossip, some devote their time and energy to excel at other spheres in life.

It is important to realize, that solely because of the existence of this stereotype, sometimes women question themselves and consider themselves abnormal because they don’t prefer shopping or gossiping. 

This is something that we can fight by simply respecting our preferences and choices. You don’t have to love shopping and form groups to gossip just because you’re a woman. Period.

2. All Women See Looks As The Most Desirable Trait In Men

I am sure almost all guys, we have ever talked to, some time would have come across their perceptions about how the only thing a girl looks for in a guy is good looks and a muscular body. 

This stereotype is so harmful, not only for women but men too as it triggers men to only work on their looks and body and not on who they are. Suddenly emotions are no longer valued and they falsely believe that it's the physical appearance they just have to work on. 

This also creates a very negative impression on a woman’s character too which can result in self-esteem issues.

Break these stereotypes, by telling your any guy friend or boyfriend that you love them beyond their looks and that it's their soul which you love not their face and body.

3. Girls Are Not Good At Sports

This stereotype is ironic, as there is an endless list of sportswomen who have excelled in their respective sport and have even given men a good challenge in sports skills.

Women and school going girls are often pulled down because they are taken as physically week, but the truth is, this weakness exists in peoples’ minds, not in a woman’s body. 

Because of this stereotype, boys are encouraged way too more than women when it comes to sports. They are constantly demotivated and told that sports is a man’s field and a girl is not supposed to play any sport.

Choose to go against this, and play that sport in school or college which excites the fire inside you. Go on the field and show them what you got!

4. Women Can’t Do A Job As Good As A Man

There is no job field today where a woman isn’t employed and is not doing works which supposedly only men could. 

From Kalpana Chawla going to the moon, to having Indira Gandhi as a leader of the nation, to Kiran Shaw having her name in the business, women are everywhere and are even appreciated for their hard work and commitment. 

Women are inherently multitaskers. While a man is only expected to earn, a woman fits everything just right in her schedule right from taking care of the kids to teaching in a driving school.

The only way to break this stereotype is to defy the odds and prove it to the society that you are good enough for doing any job which they thought only a man could do.

Take that job, and see how you exceed their expectations.

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5. A woman's priority should be home & everything else can be ignored.

The truth is, with the rapid speed of the evolvement of society, we need to understand as women, the importance of financial independence and freedom to decide our priorities on our own.

We can break this common stereotype, by not giving into the rules which society set for us and making our own rules. We can choose to give priority to our career and fight against people’s narrow mindset.            

Strong woman
Fight Back, Break The Stereotypes!

Stereotypes are hard rigid boxes constructed with very precise measurements by our society for us to go in & reside in them. But we do have the power to choose to not go and reside in that box and be courageous enough to shatter that box of glass into pieces.


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