Dhanak translates to the rainbow. The movie itself is like a rainbow on a dark cloud studded sky. Written and directed by Nagesh Kukunoor, this film joins my list of feel-good movies.

Situated in Rajasthan, the story revolves around brother-sister duo: Pari (Hetal Gada) and Chotu (Krrish Chhabria) living with their helpless hookah-smoking uncle and an aunt who couldn't care less and is the least fond of them. 8 years old visually impaired Chotu is exceedingly impressed by his hero Salman Khan. He is a Sallu Bhai fanatic, so much so, that he even wears the iconic silver bracelet with the bluestone. His elder sister Pari, aged 10, however not a Sallu fan but cannot stop gushing over and about her favourite actor Shah Rukh Khan.

SRK and Salman although do not have even a single shot in the movie, but they somehow manage to mark their presence through the children. As Chotu's ninth birthday starts approaching, Pari starts to feel pressurized with her promise of showing Chotu a "dhanak" (rainbow) when he turns 9. She encounters a poster of Shah Rukh Khan encouraging people to donate eyes and save lives and that is when she knew that only SRK could help her brother out. After her multiple letters to SRK go unanswered, Pari is notified by her Chachu that Shah Rukh is in town (Jaisalmer). She packs her "Jhola" with some stale chappatis, a bottle of water, the eye-donating poster along with other bare necessities, and sets off on her journey to find Shah Rukh Khan along with her brother on foot. Pari is Chotu's best friend, his guide, and one of the primary influences in his life. The rest of the plot is the journey, the people they encounter on the way and the relationship they share. 

Do they meet Shah Rukh Khan? Does Chotu get his eyesight back? Sorry, no spoilers here:


The film beautifully captures Rajasthan in its element, the deserts, camels, colourful outfits, love for music, and jalebis. What makes the movie worthwhile is the stupendous acting by the two child actors. Their chemistry was exceptional, with useless banter and utmost love and respect for each other, they spark a light in the audience. The story is written through the eyes of Pari, a mother figure in Chotu's life who can go to the extent of failing a class to sit beside Chotu at all times.

The people the duo meets on their journey include a holy woman called Shira Devi (Vibha Chibber) who claims to be SRK's friend. They also run into a fainted and dehydrated foreigner, all he says is to give love a chance (geddit?). The foreigner and Chotu jam together to the soulful track ''Damadam Mast Kalandar". The duo gets to attend a wedding, hitch cars and trucks, almost get kidnapped, meet a stone whisperer, and a mute man who rides them to Jaisalmer in his invisible truck. There are so many elements to the journey, but what sticks them together like glue is the bond Chotu and Pari share. The best part about the movie was the perception, the "hope" that adults could never get the courage to have. The childlike belief on getting back a visually impaired's eyes with the help of one of the most prominent superstars of Bollywood is what keeps them going through the quest. It clearly proves the adage, "Faith can move mountains"

It's beautiful and heartwarming in every way possible.

The movie is available on Netflix so make sure it's on your list. Check out the trailer below.

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