Diwali is one of the most important and well known Indian festivals. It is known as the Festival Of Lights and is celebrated for about five days during the Hindu Lunisolar month Kartika.

Diwali symbolizes the victory of "light or darkness" or "good over evil".

The celestial goddesses Lakshmi is worshipped with great pomp and pleasure as devotees clean and decorate their homes to welcome her.

The brightly illuminated entrance and vibrant colours welcome the divine goddess as she enters the thresholds and blesses the residents with love, good health, wealth, peace and prosperity.

But before all the good, comes the week before Diwali, where every home has to be decorated and prepared to welcome Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi. 

This article is all about how you can also prepare your home for the same...read on to find out the best decoration ideas for your home sweet home!

How To Prepare Your Home For Diwali

How To Prepare Your Home For Diwali

1. Spring Cleaning

The very first step in cleaning your home should be decluttering. You don't have to panic. There's no use in scurrying around every room without really cleaning it properly.

Start with just one room, clean it thoroughly and then move on to the next room. Start slowly but continue steadily. Take breaks in between if it's too tiring.

Sort out everything and throw away unwanted trash. Sell all your old newspapers, magazines, broken household appliances, crockery and furniture. Give away unnecessary things like old clothes, toys and books to those in need.

After decluttering it's time for thorough cleaning. Sweep every nook and cranny, wipe every surface with either a dry or wet cloth. Don't forget the cobwebs on the ceiling corners, window grills and behind your cupboard.

Now that you've finished cleaning it's time to rearrange the rest. Shift around and rearrange your furniture if you want to revamp your room. Neatly organize everything in the room and make it look tidy.

2. Decoration

Decorate your clean home to give it a festive finish. Diwali is a great time for shopping. Make use of the ongoing Diwali discounts and shop for some beautiful decorative items.

Bring out your best curtains, carpets, cushions and other upholstery specially kept for festive occasions (Indian things!). Change your bedsheets and pillowcases.

You can use designer sarees for decorating the puja room or veneration area. If you want something simpler but still pretty then drape light and flowy dupattas with floral prints to make sheer curtains.

Decorative flower vases can add a beautiful touch to your home. Artificial flowers work just fine but if you want real flowers then order them during the same day you'll invite guests over. (Although we don't recommend you to invite guests over, if you do, ensure social distancing and wear your mask!)

Another way to add a natural touch to your home decoration is by including potted plants. Indoor potted plants include Snake plants, Begonia, Jade plants, Aloe Vera, Money plant or varieties of Fern and Cacti.

Remember to keep the colour of your decorations in sync with the colour of your walls. The final result should be harmonious, balanced and pleasing to look at.

3. Rangoli

Make a beautiful rangoli pattern to decorate the entrance of your home. Remember to use eco-friendly colours. 

You can also use coloured rice, coloured sand, turmeric, vermilion and flower petals to spice up your rangoli design.

You can either make an elaborate design or keep it small and simple. Try to include the colours red, white and yellow since they signify purity, prosperity and happiness respectively.

4. Diyas, Lights And Lamps

Diyas are synonymous with Diwali. Nothing matches the charm of earthen clay diyas burning brightly at the entrance of a house. 

If you want something grander then go for designer oil lamp stands made of brass.

Place diyas on both sides of your doorstep and at the window sill. You can also use fancy lamps and hanging lanterns. If you have a verandah or terrace then light them up too.

Place fairy lights inside a mason jar and keep it on your coffee table. Tea light candles are small but powerful game-changers.

You can keep a copper or bronze Uruli bowl at the entrance to captivate everyone's attention. Fill the bowl with water, add flowers, flower petals and a few floating candles. 

Another charming trick is to hang a wind chime at the window and light aromatic scented candles. Your house will not only look visually stunning but smell great and sound cheerful too!

Diwali decorations at home

6. Lakshmi Puja

Prepare for Lakshmi puja because after all, Diwali is about ushering in the goddess of wealth and prosperity.

Prepare your worship area and keep everything ready beforehand. Fill your puja platter with diyas, rice/wheat grains, silver coins, fruits, flowers, sweets, incense sticks etc. Fill a kalash with water and keep a coconut, marigold flowers and mango leaves ready.

You can make a beautiful Toran (door hanging) with mango leaves and marigold flowers. It is considered auspicious and looks good too.

Use rice flour and vermilion to draw  Lakshmi Paduka or Shripada (footprints) pointing inwards at your doorstep. This signifies the entrance of goddess Lakshmi into the home of her devotee.

7. New Outfits

Diwali is incomplete without shopping and shopping, of course, includes buying brand new Diwali outfits.

After all the hard work you put into cleaning and decorating your house, you should spend some time decorating yourself too!

8. Festive Food

Festivals are incomplete without food. Various delicacies including sweets like barfis, jalebi, coconut Ladoo, Sandesh, Gulab Jamun etc. are prepared on the occasion of Diwali.

Make your own sweets at home or buy sweets for offering them to the goddess and greeting your guests. (Are you thinking about Son Papdi as well?)

Turn this Diwali into a festival of flavours by preparing various snacks and delicious food for everyone.

9. Gifts And Games

Giving and receiving gifts is another important part of Diwali celebrations. Exchanging gifts is exciting whether you're a child or an adult.

Prepare your gifts beforehand and make sure to include everyone so that nobody feels left out. 

You can even get creative and make your own DIY gifts for your loved ones.

Games are for entertaining guests! Some fun games idea include musical chairs, charades, passing the parcel, truth or dare etc. 

Board games bring lots of laughter and fun to family bonding time and of course the OG playing cards!

10. Fireworks (Optional)

Bursting crackers during Diwali is optional. Burst only a few if you really must. 

Consider spending your Diwali in a clean and green manner. 

Enjoy the illumination all around with gleaming eyes and grateful hearts.

Fireworks during diwali

11. First Aid

The last step in preparing for Diwali is to keep a First Aid Box handy. Accidents can happen anytime and anywhere.

Diwali brings families and communities together. There are lighted diyas, candles and fireworks all around and so are children, elderly and animals. 

You can never be too careful hence it is a good idea to keep a well equipped First Aid Box in case of any emergency.


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Have a Happy and Safe Diwali!