Many of us don't prefer cutting their hair at home as we find it challenging to find perfect tutorial videos. We often stand in front of the mirror staring at our usual hair. TBH, getting accurate bangs layers and all other styles at home is not a cakewalk.

Nevertheless, if you're wondering about cutting your hair without having any regrets then check out these super easy and quickest home done haircut ideas.

Cute Baby Bangs

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Start sober, and the first thing you need to do is dry your hair. Now, find your bangs and transform them up into a bang triangle. Once you're set then decide & find your length. You are ready to flip and cut your bangs. Always check yourself in a mirror while cutting. Style them when done cutting, and you're good to go!



To create beautiful flowy featherings or feathery layers, start with brushing your hair. Then straighten and dry them up. Once you're done with straightening, divide your hair into two sections (left side & right side). Now take some hair from one side and start cutting the ends by holding them in an inward direction and give them a diagonal cut. Follow the same method on the remaining hair and go slowly if you're a beginner.

Bob (I Said Just An Inch)            

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Bob is an easy-to-get and sexy hairstyle, its better if someone else cuts your hair. Start with washing & drying your hair. Now comes the sectioning, divide your hair into three even parts. Once you are all set, start cutting the back section of your hair with scissors. Use a razor for side sections and you can add some layers if you want. Lastly, style them by blending or whatever you desire.

Wonky Ponky Fringes            

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Fringes are really cute. To get wonky fringes, always start with sectioning your hair to avoid any blunders. After sectioning, use a comb to hold your fringes in place. Before cutting, make sure that you keep the fringes longer than your desired length. Now start cutting them vertically creating an arc-like shape. Avoid cutting your fringes in a straight line, they may look awful on your face.


Try out these home done haircuts, these are perfect Quarantine DIYs!

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