Fashion plays an important role in the lives of trend lovers. Everyone wishes to look good, and for that, it is important to at least have a brief knowledge about trends and fashion aesthetics. If you love to get yourself updated with some fashion stuff then read seven fashion aesthetics every girl next door should know.

1. Bohemian Style

bohemian style clothing
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In contemporary use, the expression "Bohemian" is used for people who are unusual, normally creative or artistic. A sub-element of bohemian style is boho-chic which is trending nowadays. They are a perfect amalgamation of vintage & present-day fashion. Bohemian attires could be anything from jumpsuits to evening dresses or even Kurtis. 

2. Street Fashion

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Street Fashion has emerged from the grassroots. Street fashion is mainly blended with youth culture and is most likely to be seen in urban hubs. It favours highly diverse fashion changes like wearing urban stylish clothing. Mainstream fashion often reserves street fashion trends. Street fashion is growing more popular and attractive among women.

3. Boyfriend Fashion

White shirt dress
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Basically, Boyfriend Fashion is a ready-to-wear kinda style. It can be any fashion of women's apparel transformed from menswear like boyfriend jackets, boyfriend jeans, and boyfriend blazers which are often more gender-neutral or unisex and fit loose. Boyfriend fashion is kinda cute, and I personally adore this style.

4. Size Zero 

Jacquard dress
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Size Zero or zero sizes is a clothing size for women. Size zero designates to very thin women or teenage girls or trends linked with them.

5. Chic

chic summer dress
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Chic Fashion is all about being stylish or lively and is a major component of fashion. Some modern elegant chic styles are in vogue. Chic fits everywhere- be it work, shopping, coffee or dinner.

6. Androgyny 

Androgynous clothing for women
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Androgyny or Androgynous Fashion is the blending of masculine and feminine aspects into a hybrid style. Androgyny can be expressed concerning gender identity or expression. An androgynous look can be attained through grooming & fashion. Androgynous gender appearances have grown and faded in different cultures.

7. Punk Fashion

women's punk clothing
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Punk Fashion is about the outfits, accessories or body alteration of the punk subculture. Punk fashion is very influencing and varies widely. The punk attires and accessories represent the bold look, may include leather skirts, heavy metallic chains and belts.


Pick what style suits you and choose your fashion aesthetic.

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