Fashion Psychology is the assimilation of the psychology and the fashion industry to create adaptable & manageable accessories that can ultimately serve in the development of consumer or client psychology in the business & fashion aspects.

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What we wear can affect us and others psychologically. It is important to know what our clothes say about us as it can alter or influence our mood, responses, our job prospects, our love life as well as our self-esteem.

Some General & Real-Life Facts

Believe it or not but fashion psychology is somewhat linked to our lives, here are some facts to prove this -

  • The way you dress in an interview can directly affect your conversion.           
  • Your dressing can eventually reflect your confidence, a fashionable woman will always look independent & bold over a woman wearing a dated dress.
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  • Clothes are mood boosters, they can ultimately make you happy or depressed.       
  • Women who have an attractive dressing sense are more likely to draw attention because it is something that men look for in a lady in the first place.
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The Emergence Of Fashion Psychology As A Career

Fashion Psychology as a career can have many prospects from psychological or sociological to economic or business models.

The career prospects of Fashion psychology are new and are still emerging. It's about people as it allows designers, retailers, marketers, and consumers to apply & merge psychological science with creativity, communication, and perception to ultimately solve problems and make business decisions.

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The fashion industry is an important global industry with exciting, creative, and dynamic careers. It has many problems but applying psychology to fashion can help us to predict and change strategy behaviour for development.

How About A Degree In Fashion Psychology?

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Yes, you read it right. Fashion Psychology is a promising career in itself. There are psychology degrees that allow students to specialize in fashion, in fact, some fashion psychology major degrees also exist. These are offered by world-class institutions like the Fashion Institute of Technology(FIT), NYC & London College of Fashion, London. Some of the elite websites like BoF which provides a great online learning platform with modules to advance in the field of Fashion Psychology.

Women Dominating The Field Of Fashion Psychology

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Women are front runners when it comes to fashion and the field of fashion psychology is completely dominated by female leaders. The world's first master's program that applies psychology in the context of fashion was developed by a woman named Dr Carolyn Mair, a British psychologist who holds a PhD in cognitive neuroscience.

Another example is Prof. Dawnn Karen who holds a master's degree in counselling psychology who teaches fashion psychology at the FIT, New York, and is ambitious about her research about cognitive applications in a fashion context. She implemented a degree in fashion psychology and founded the Fashion Psychology Institute of New York.


You Are What You Wear!

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