First, let's start with understanding what is financial independence.

We can call someone financially Independent when one can afford his/her basic needs and other necessities solely by himself/ herself.

The person has his source of income and isn’t dependent on anyone else in any way for money.

So, in this article, I will discuss various reasons why women should be financially independent if they aren’t yet.

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1. It's Your Life, Take Charge

We often don’t realize that giving others the responsibility for our life is the easiest yet the most terrible thing we could do.

It is this dependency that can lead to mishappenings in our life.

We need to understand, that in the end, we are always on our own. And so while things like emotional support are important, having no financial constraints is crucial as it will help us get through the harsh realities of the world. 

Money is important. Period. Even in the worst of times, a woman can carry herself if she has her financial independence; she wouldn’t have to kneel In front of others.

2. To Have A Sense Of Freedom

Imagine having a life, where you are free to fulfil your aspirations, dreams, where you don’t have to think twice before booking a flight to your dream destination. Yes! It's possible. Start working on your balance right away. 

The thing about having this kind of freedom is the choice to not tell anyone the use of your money; you don’t have to justify for choosing one wish over another, because you have earned it with all your sincerity and hard work, so you jolly well spend it anywhere you want!

3. It Starts With Financial Independence

This statement holds true in every sense as, when a woman is in her 20’s, there are all sorts of changes going on in and around her, it’s the time when she is struggling to find her niche and deciding upon her priorities, be it career or marriage. 

It’s important to note here that, at this phase, her choosing to be financially independent will make all the difference in her life. After that, even if she gets stuck in her marriage, or other responsibilities, she will be able to leave, and have her head held high with grace. 

After having this grace and confidence, she will be able to excel in all fields she ever wanted to, without ever feeling guilty.

4. One Financially Independent Woman Can Serve A Greater Purpose To Many Women

Owing to loads of female suppression and oppression in the past, today a woman who is not under suppression understands the pain and agony another suppressed woman goes through in her life. 

When a responsible woman decides to be financially independent, she is also creating a legacy for the upcoming generations and the society around her. 

A financially independent woman is thus able to help women who might not have had the same opportunities as her, by helping them get aware of the ways to become financially independent and in other undefined ways too.

5. Your Personality Becomes Influential

A financially independent woman is certain to radiate a different level of confidence and self-esteem. Society tends to look down at women; Being financially independent is like a straightforward loud answer to all those people who think that a woman’s place is only with her kids and not out in the world.

People start looking up to you for your decisions and choices, you rise in your own eyes and in other’s perception too. You thus have the power to induce change and your personality glows.

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I understand that, even with the strongest desire to stand up on your own feet and be financially independent, one may not exactly have the choice to even step out of their home due to family constraints.

The only way to cope up with this to make your family constantly aware of the need for you to be financially independent and to never lose the courage, even if it means facing your fears eye to eye and confronting your comfort zone.


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