Skin is one of the most sensitive organs of our body. 

It helps to regulate body temperature and also enables us to feel the sensations of touch, heat, cold, pain etc. But a human skin can be of many types.

And we know that our skin requires special care and nourishment. But how can we choose the perfect skincare regime for us without knowing what our skin actually needs? 

Therefore it is very important to identify our skin types and choose our skincare remedies and products according to it.

Skin is the largest organ of our body and is quite complex. Every skin is unique but there are some common skin types which will help you to know where your skin fits in the most.

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Let's get started...

1. Oily Skin

Oily skin occurs when you have excess oil in the skin and it gets clogged in your pores. 

You can easily identify whether you have an oily skin type. If your skin feels very sticky and you are prone to excessive acne breakouts and leaves behind dark spots, you definitely have an oily skin type.

To deal with oily skin go for products which have ingredients like honey, clay, aloe vera which helps to absorb excess oil in your skin.

These skin types are prone to acne and breakouts there need products which can reduce natural oils from the skin. 

Try any of the following products for old skin and see the difference:

2. Dry Skin

You can easily identify whether you have dry skin. Because dry skin can feel tight throughout the day and you might experience flaking as well.

The reasons you have dry skin can be genetic or other factors like environmental factors, lifestyle and diet, hormonal changes etc. Apart from that, even dehydration can also be a cause for dry skin.

To deal with dry skin go for products that are rich in hyaluronic acid, glycerine and other ingredients like Camellia oil, squalane, algae etc.

These ingredients help in hydrating the skin without removing the natural oils.

Dry skin is often characterized by a lack of moisture in the skin. A person's skin tends to become dry when it does not have the right amount of natural oils and is not hydrated enough.

Therefore proper moisturization and hydration are important to deal with dry skin. 

These are the most preferred products for dry skin:

3. Combination Skin

In combination skin, your skin feels dry or normal in some areas and oily in other areas like nose, forehead and chin. Although it is the most preferred skin type it requires extra care and you need to know what your skin actually needs.

For this skin type, you need products rich in salicylic acid and glycolic acid. Because it not only cleanses the skin correctly but also reduces spots and removes bacteria.

Combination skin is the most common skin type. 

In these types of skin, certain areas of the skin feel dry whereas some areas like forehead and nose remain oily. Therefore people having combination skin need products which balance the natural oils of the skin. 

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Some amazing products for combination skin are mentioned below:

4. Sensitive Skin

It is the most vulnerable skin type and requires a lot of attention. You will easily identify if you have sensitive skin if you face the following issues:

  • Your skin is reactive and you face itchiness, dryness or reddening of skin very often.
  • You develop rashes often
  • You are prone to breakouts
  • Excessive sunburn

For sensitive skin, you can use products that are rich in Chamomile extract, Sunflower oil, oatmeal, Honey or shea butter.

It is advisable to use dermatologist-recommended products if your skin is way too sensitive.

People with sensitive skin are prone to redness, itchiness and rashes as the skin reacts easily to harsh chemicals as well as temperature. Therefore sensitive skin needs extra care and products free from harsh chemicals. 

Here are some products you can opt for if you have sensitive skin:

I hope this article gave you an idea about the different skin types and how to take care of your skin depending upon its type. So take care of your skin and try the recommended products that suit your skin type. 

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