This Quarantine boredom & anxiety has already started to set in and is making us suffer now, but what are the things we can do to shoo away the boredom? 

You don't need to be stressed anymore because here I'm putting together something fun, check out if you are looking for short, simple & easy DIY projects to do with some easily available supplies while in quarantine...

1. Make Your Own Guardians 

homemade masks at the table

Wanna do some useful craft? 

Design your own face mask with sanitary napkins or any cloth you have at home with easy steps and enjoy a safe quarantine!

Learn how to make face masks here

2. Decorate Your Evenings With Delightful Candles

woman holding a candle

Ever wondered how you can make candles at home?

We all have crayons at home, which we don't use anymore. These crayons can do wonders. Now all you have to do is pick out your favourite colours, uncover them, melt your crayons by putting them in a microwave or stove, heat them for few mins until you get the smooth texture, and finally pour them in cute moulds. Also, don't forget to put cotton wicks before the wax settles.

3. Formulate Sanitizers at home

woman putting sanitizer on hands

Hurray, now you can play mad scientist at home!😍

Make your own disinfecting & hydrating sanitizer with these easy steps.

Learn how to make sanitizer here

4. Create & Design Colorful Paper Bags

colorful paper bags on a wall

Make sustainable, low cost & beautiful paper bags & utilize this time in radiating your creative soul.

Learn it here 

5. Nourish Yourself with homemade skincare essentials

woman applying skincare products to her face

Believe it or not but these skincare essentials are all you need in this quarantine. Try to make some organic skincare products yourself at home, experiment & create your own homemade beauty bombs.

Get beauty secrets here


 Do try these enjoyable activities & treat yourself with creative quality time.

 Happy Quarantining!

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Aishwary Gawate

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Aishwary Gawate

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