Indian culture has a rich history of iconic women, these brave and glorious princesses or queens were inspirational beauty influencers with a mesmerizing charm that could amaze anyone. These beautiful women symbolize the iconic Indian beauty and define the rich Indian culture. In this article, we are featuring some gorgeous Indian women from the history.


rani padmavati

This legendary and flawless queen is known for her greatest sacrifice. Padmavati was the most beautiful woman of her time and everyone was stunned by her grace and beauty. She is also known as Rani Padmini and the Rajput community preserves everything related to her as a sacred thing. She was a dreamy beauty and the princess of Singhal who won the heart of King Ratan (King of Chittor). Thanks to the movie Padmaavat, we all know what had happened in the past, and she will always be honored for her courageous aura.


meera bai

Meera was dedicatedly in love with Krishna and she was an epitome of grace. Meera belonged to a Royal Family and was known as one of the most remarkable beauties of her time. Her charm and fame was spreading like a wildfire since she was young. Meera was an impeccable beauty with multiple skills like music, horse riding, archery and great knowledge of sculptures.

Gayatri Devi

Gayatri Devi

Gayatri Devi was the most beautiful princess of her time, who was on the list of Vogue's Most Beautiful Women on the Earth. Gayatri left everyone mesmerized with her charm and soon became a fashion icon for every woman. She was not just a gorgeous lady but also a polo player and an outstanding horse rider.


rani samyukta

Queen Samyukta, the bold and beautiful princess was known for her headstrongness. She fell in love with Prithviraj and they created one of the most romantic love stories in the history. Samyukta was determined and had heated passions. She had a royal sense of style and topped all fashion aesthetics.

Sita Devi

sita devi

Sita Devi was the Queen of Kapurthala. She was a style icon of her time with a keen sense of fashion, beauty, and accessories. Sita Devi was international beauty who had a strong command over European languages which proves that she is a "beauty and brains". Being a royal Indian Queen she used to wear British designer clothes and was featured by Vogue as a "Secular Goddess" at the age of 19. She was one of the most stylish women in the world and influenced many women of her time.


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