Women are more emotionally sensitive and moody than men. One of the reasons behind it is the mood swings or PMS that women get just before their periods every month. Sometimes it's really hard to handle emotional outbursts, some girls get severe mood swings and this may result in love-life & relationship complications. If your mood swings are bothering you then give a read to these five ways to handle your mood swing disasters.

1. Breathe

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When you are going through your PMS, your emotions and feelings are already suffocating. You need to Breathe, relax, and stay calm. Wear clothes that help you breathe and are comfy. You can try bright and cute tees or sweatshirts with baggy jeans. Go for whatever you like and whatever keeps you comfortable.

2. Moisturize & Glide

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Moisturizing is the key to glide through this emotional breakdown. Shaving legs will help you dodge any self-doubts that occur during that phase. Put on your favorite moisturizer and lip balm to hydrate, this will help you embrace self-love which keeps you happy. Go beautiful, glide through this phase with smooth and sexy skin. 

3. Treat Yourself

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Treat yourself with a nice outfit that makes you feel fresh, sexy, and brand new. Give your lips some love with a bright and sassy lip color. Grab a bar of chocolate or a brownie or chocolate ice cream. Chocolate can prove out to be a mild mood elevator and it will trigger the release of serotonin and endorphins to make you feel goodie good and happy from inside.

4. Put Your Heart Into Something

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Put your heart and even your soul into something you love. It can be a hobby or work that you're passionate about or an activity that fills you with enthusiasm or any other thing that drives your crazy happy. You can experiment and explore new things to do that you enjoy!

5. Catch Up With Your Girl Friends

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Your girlfriends are your salvation, so feel like yourself by reconnecting with your gang. Enjoy some great quality time with them and you will be healed. Throw them some texts and plan a girls' night with your bitches and get buzzed like never before!


Shoo away your sufferings with these self-love hacks & don't forget to fall in love with yourself! ❤️

Aishwary Gawate

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Aishwary Gawate

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