If you think that flowers are only meant to be in the garden for aesthetics then you've been mistaken big time! What if I told you that the flowers in your garden have some secret beauty benefits? Yep! you heard (read, lol) me.

Today we are talking about FLOWER-POWER! These are the natural ways of achieving the perfect skin and hair through only flower extracts. These might help you "blossom" like one too ;)



We are all aware of rose's benefits and have been using rose water in our skincare regime for a pretty long time now, (Obviously, it made to the top of our list!). Rose helps in getting rid of oil and acne-prone skin leaving behind a smooth and glowing face. Grab some rose petals and make your own rose water at home for healthy and glowing skin.



Chamomile, not only has great insomnia healing qualities but is also very good for the skin. It heals the skin and lightens it. There are many face masks and oils made with this beautiful flower's extracts and it's time that you add this flower to your dressing table. 



Also called China rose, hibiscus has amino acids that promote hair growth. This can be turned into a paste and directly applied to your hair for the best results. It is also good for the skin in terms of toning it and removing ageing signs.



We've all heard of jasmine's magical effect on our hair. It is used in various hair oils and helps them stay moistured and shiny. Not only the hair, but jasmine also works well on the skin. It clears the skin and lightens the dark spots and scars.



Every Indian household definitely has a genda phool pot. This flower has various skin benefits including boosting collagen. If you didn't know, collagen is responsible for the elasticity of your skin which makes your skin look younger and more firm. Heading to my balcony to get some Genda Phool before I forget!



Whenever I think of my skin's favourite essential oils, lavender is definitely on the list. It helps tighten my skin, moisturize it, and prevent acne and pimples. Some say that it even increases hair health and promotes hair growth. Need more reasons to get your hands on Lavender oil?

Make sure you get your hands on these beautiful flowers and extract their skin benefits asap! It is natural, works great, and plus point- the natural pleasant fragrance. Try out these flowers either naturally or buy the products which have them and let me know how your experience was. 

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