Social media can surely be no less than an inspirational platform, only if we follow the ones, who can spark that fire in us. 

This article is for those chefs who constantly want to experiment with food with that sparkling passion in their eyes.

Do check the mentioned best food Instagram accounts and follow these food blogs on Instagram, you never know which one of them awakens the chef in you!

1. Gobblegrams

gobblegrams instagram feed

From having more than 3000 recipes and 1.6 million followers, Gobble is the perfect platform for you if you love food– any food.

It mostly features 1-minute videos, which perfectly shows you instructions on how to perfectly cook. It has recipes ranging from simple dishes to some complex ones too.

From an oreo cake to a perfect cheese starter, they have it all. The videos specify the ingredient’s name in Hindi and English also specifying the exact quantity needed. Go give them a follow and you won’t regret it.

Instagram Id: gobblegrams

2. Ruchika Asatakar

Ruchika Asatakar instagram feed

Open her page, and you won't realize that she just started her journey 2 years ago.

She has been featured on major platforms like Lokmat Times, TOI and FoodFoodTV

With more than 1500 posts and 65.3K followers presently, she reflects the amateur chef in all of us. With highly fun, simple, and engaging videos, her recipes are really simple and the ingredients used are easily available at home.

From how to make a simple 5 ingredient chocolate cake, with no fancy ingredients used to simple evening snacks, you will enjoy experimenting with her recipes and are sure to be charmed by the spicy, sweet warm vibes of her Instagram page.

Instagram Id: ruchika_asatkar

3. Yumrecipe

Yum recipe instagram feed

Just as their name suggests, you will end up calling their recipes YUM.

With over 3000 posts and 1.3 Million followers, yumrecipe offers videos with cooking instructions in detail so that even a beginner can achieve their aspirations of creating a yummy dish in no time.

The unique thing about their recipes is that they offer various ways of using veggies, ingredients, etc to use; These are ways that we might not have ever thought of. 

If you are a person who is looking to excel in basic and advanced Indian cuisine to midnight snacks, yumrecipe sure deserves a follow from you. 

Be ready with your cooking hat, you are surely going to be tempted to cook something right away.

Instagram Id: yum.recipe

4. Yumcurry

Yumcurry instagram feed

Simple and satisfying food is all that this page has to offer. 

The food tutorials offered here are no less than a perfect trailer for the next blockbuster movie. 

With over 400 posts and 525K followers presently, the page is managed by Pragya. 

From having covered Dates walnut cake to beetroot Paratha, she is sure to awaken the chef in you. 

Her recipes are feasible and the instructions are well covered. 

She is an inspiration for beginners like us who want the best without compromising on taste. Check her out!

Instagram id: yumcurry88


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