It is important to stay healthy during such difficult times and our immunity plays a huge role in keeping us healthy. This article provides you with a brief about nutrition, wellness & health-related online courses that are free of cost. All these certifications are available on Coursera and they might help you gain or improve your knowledge, let's explore these insightful courses.

1. Stanford Introduction To Food & Health

food on table

This course is provided by Stanford University. It covers topics like food science, nutrition, health informatics & food safety and is a perfect course to learn all the nutrition basics.

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2. Child Nutrition & Cooking

mother and child

The Child Nutrition & Cooking Course is also offered by Stanford University. It will help you gain all the skills related to food science, organic food, nutrition as well as food safety.

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3. Nutrition & Lifestyle In Pregnancy

pregnant woman

This certification course is provided by the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich. It includes all the knowledge ensuring a healthy nutritional & lifestyle status during pregnancy.

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4. The Science Of Well-Being

woman meditating

The Science of Well-Being is a Yale accredited course. It teaches you the science behind the lessons of life like gratitude & happiness. It also has units on meditation & savoring.

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5. Easing The Burden Of Obesity, Diabetes & Cardiovascular Disease

woman measuring belly fat

This insightful course is offered by The University Of Sydney. It explains how chronic diseases like obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and cancer all are related to a set of similar causes.

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6. Positive Psychiatry & Mental Health

women expressing a state of happiness & well being

This course is also provided by The University Of Sydney. It gives you in-depth knowledge about psychiatry to understand the importance of mental health.

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Try these online certifications and get yourself educated with the best health knowledge. 

Happy Quarantining! 

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