What is an ideal career for me, a woman? 

As a woman, someplace and at some point in your life, you must have found yourself, unfortunately, asking this question to yourself because of all the crap (Gender-based profession) you might be hearing from those around you! And no doubt, it gets in your head! 

But what’s important is to make sure that while it’s always a good thing to question, make sure you are asking that question to yourself and the answer which you are giving your self has its roots and sources from YOUR mind and not someone else’s. It is time to shun those gender differences in careers, society has thrown in our face.

Because after all, it's your career and not anyone else’s.

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Is it exactly a good thing to start dividing careers based on gender and give them a label of “ideal”?


“Satisfying one’s conception of what is perfect; most suitable.”

Have We Interpreted This Definition In The Right Way?

After reading this definition, ask yourself if you have got the true meaning and interpretation of this definition.

The definition clearly states the word “one’s”, implying that anything which one regards as ideal is supposed to be matching one's criteria and not someone else’s.

So perhaps, what we have got wrong is, labelling something as ideal not necessarily according to us but according to others. 

How Does Gender Affect Job Opportunities?

In indian society, impact of gender is huge on the career choices.

If you are a woman, you can choose from Doctor, bank jobs, teachers or the most loved one: Housewife. I mean, if someone wants to be housewife, it's good for her, but one shouldn't be forced to become one because it is a "woman's job". Forget all the unusual jobs like athlete or pilot, because a woman can't drive well, how would she ride a plane?!

Rising against all odds, breaking all stereotypes, women have made their strengths loud and clear.

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Today they are everywhere; from the space to a carpentry shop, to a business tycoon, to being an entrepreneur and in the cooperate sector. Women have made their place in almost every niche.

In olden times and past centuries, no denying, jobs were gender-specific and the concept of the division of labour was widely practised everywhere. 

Back then, for a woman to even imagine doing something beyond what was expected out of her was no less than a life-taking risk. And similarly, if men were not doing what they were expected to do, they were not regarded as “men” and were considered as cowards and were not accepted.

The Ray Of Light?

We have come a long way from there and it has only been possible because of those few women who showed exemplary courage and strength and not only imagined themselves doing something extraordinary but made it out to the field with their heads held high.

I believe that this concept of ideal career for any gender has started to grow stagnant, yet in our society, we can still find traces of this perception in our roots.

Thankfully today we live in a time, where women have their shoulders alongside men, today the freedom of deciding what one wants to do in her life is at least getting established and is being encouraged too.

We are going to get there eventually. Great things take time.

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So, coming back to an ideal career, I think an ideal career exists for every individual but not for gender.

Today, my ideal career can be mechanical engineering, and my brother's ideal career- a chef. My skills and my interest decide my ideal career and his passion for all the spices and sweets makes his career an ideal one for him.

Certainly, there's a difference between a man and a woman and that difference is beautiful and that’s to be respected.

Making judgments and prenotions and keeping that one difference as a reason for the misconceptions is certainly not right and you need to question yourself if you are finding yourself creating more sub and mini judgments.

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Choose your career according to your preferences and not because of your gender. Go in that field because it makes you feel alive. Anything lesser than that will degrade you.

Acceptance will indeed come, you just need to be brave enough to face all the obstacles and to keep rising and shining on.

Until then, educate others, and if they aren’t ready to understand this, move on, it's their loss.

No, there is no ideal career for women, but there is an ideal career for you, for the person you are and for the purpose you are here to fulfil on earth.


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