I have been tolerating my extremely dry skin forever. I have tried so many creams but they just don't work for me. Dry skin is not an easy thing to tame, moreover, applying foundation to it brings out the worst: Patches and cakey look (sadly not on trending!!) while moisturizing creams do solve the problem but they don't last long. So, I decided to go for a facial oil to mix with my foundation. I looked up affordable options and came across good vibes argan facial oil. I have been using it for more than six months now and I'm ready to pen down my thoughts about it.

This review is not sponsored and the thoughts I'm about to share, are my own, based on my experience with the product.

Good vibes argan oil

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  • Slows down skin aging
  • Helps fight acne
  • Tightens pores


The packaging of this gold leaves infused oil is pretty basic. Considering the price point of the product, the packaging is not at all disappointing. It comes in a mini cardboard box that contains a glass bottle filled with the magic potion. A dropper is also provided along with the bottle which facilitates convenient use.


There are various ways to use it -

  • Apply a generous amount of it on your face and massage until it is absorbed completely to unlock a hydrated and happy skin.
  • Incorporate it into your night care routine to improve the overall texture of your skin.
  • Mix a drop or two with your foundation to get a perfect finish if you have dry skin.

Good vibes argan oil

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Final Verdict

I was a bit dubious initially considering the tall claims made, but after using it I am quite happy that I purchased it. A perfect product priced at a very affordable rate. It works wonders on my extremely dry skin, keeps my skin hydrated and pampered all day long and that's all I was expecting with this product. Alas!!! It has not helped me with my acne problems so that is one thing missing, however, I still am happy with it and you should definitely go for it.

These were my thoughts on Good vibes argan oil. Thanks for stopping by. Do check out our other posts 😊

Shalvi Singh

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Shalvi Singh

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