This time is all about staying safe and staying indoors. I was going through some content online when I stumbled upon ''Gardening Indoors''. Gardening is a soulful activity, a stress buster, helps burn calories, and can actually provide us with food! This should be enough to make you believe that gardening must be included in your to-do list of this quarantine.

Now I know that a lot (emphasis on ''a lot'') of us do not know how to even begin. I know that it is almost impossible to get out of the house at this point to ''buy seeds for gardening''.


Worry not, because we've some easy peasy tips and tricks to start your mini kitchen garden without stepping out.

Here are some herbs/vegetables that you can grow without buying seeds from outside.



Take a few fenugreek seeds from your kitchen and scatter them all over a pot/container (any container that has holes in the bottom would work). Cover the seeds with about an inch of soil and water them. Viola, we're done! In the next 4-5 days, you'll have your little fenugreek growing all over the pot.



Similar to fenugreek, coriander seeds can be directly added to the soil, but before that, there is one additional step to it. Beat the coriander seeds softly to break apart/open their outer covering. This will help the seeds to germinate better. After this, you can scatter them on soil, cover, and pour water. 5-6 weeks should be enough for the coriander to grow.



Cut thin slices of tomato, add it to the pot, cover with an inch of soil, and water. Another method is, manually taking out seeds from the tomato pulp and adding them to the soil for germination.



The easiest to grow, wheatgrass also has many health benefits to it. Scatter wheatgrass seeds on the soil, cover, and water. It is recommended to soak the seeds overnight for better germination.



Take a few mint stems with 2-3 leaves on it. Cut the stem from one of the nodes and put this stem in water for germination. Within 4-5 days the stems will start showing roots. Now, its time to take the stem from the water and add it to the soil for proper growth.



Cut the top end of the carrot and put it in a bowl of water. In 3-4 days, little sprouts on top will be visible. In this stage, take this top and add it to the soil, cover a little, and add water for it to grow. In 2-3 months, your taproots will be ready to be uprooted.

These were a few things that I'm super excited to grow since they are available in my kitchen and I have a lot of time to kill. Make sure you try these out as well and the produce from your kitchen garden. Let me know how the experience was.

Make sure you check out our other articles as well. Have a nice day!!!! XOXO