Hairstyle trends are everywhere in 2020, be it celebrities, Instagram feeds, or stylish babes. This season of hair trends is dope: we are seeing fresh, new, and fierce contemporary looks, while on the other hand, we have some strong and bold comebacks which are all set to become everyone's favorite. Now, you are going to be inspired by some of the striking hairstyles which you will be seeing this year.


Taylor Swift
Source: Allure

The Shag haircut made a strong comeback and will continue to slay this year. It has a modern version that is really sexy and flattering. Shags would literally work on any hair type or length. It always comes up with soft edges depicting the feminine charm and softness. Go for long shags if you wanna have some fresh flowy hair,


Dakota Johnson                                                       Source: Allure            

Bangs are effortlessly cute. Don't they look so damn pretty on Dakota Johnson? They were undoubtedly made for her. Bangs are softly flattering and they can give a nice texture to your hair. It lends rich volume to the hair with loose waves, and the hair movements are just killer. It leaves a charm to your hair.


Kendall Jenner
Source: Allure

Fringes are intense and flawless. This year, Kendall is serving new baby fringes which are apparently shorter than previous trends. Just look at her, you can actually take all the fame with the right fringe length and perfect styling. Go on and try an "on-trend" fringe look.


Kim Kadarshian
Source : Allure

I love One-length, this classic and versatile Kim K inspired trend is making a huge comeback. These are simple hairstyles with the audacity to make bold statements. It can be styled in a modern approach with ponytails or sleek, straight shines. If you wanna enjoy the long length of hair with no bustle of layers, then this look is for you.


Julianne Hough
Source: Allure

The Timeless Bobs give you a sophisticated and bouncy finish. One can achieve a perfect bob with the right length of the face. They can be sleek and polished or just soft relaxed waves. Bobs are not blunt anymore as the new Bob trend is quite softer in appearance and the shapes are changing. Wanna go bold with a dramatic-chic look? Bob is for you.


Let's play with these trends to create some awesome hairstyles. 

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