I know that tanning can be problematic, rigid, and would not, for the sake of god, GO OFF easily! It takes multiple creams, covering up the face with scarfs in summers and avoiding stepping out in the sun, to get it off your skin. But what if we tell you that we've curated home remedies to help you get rid of a tan without having to buy tan removal creams from the store. Yass Queen! Home remedies are super helpful and work like magic on the tan. They not only help in getting back your tan-free skin but also rejuvenate the skin and moisturize it. 

Here's a list of home remedies for your tan emergencies:

1. Besan and Haldi 


If you've grown up in a brown household you know that the solution to any skin problem is Gram flour and Turmeric powder paste. It not only helps in removing tan but it also gives your skin a glow. No wonder we have an entire ceremony of putting this on the bride/groom's skin before marriage. 

2. Chandan and Rosewater

rose water

Chandan or Sandalwood helps remove tan and rose water is gentle on the skin and cleanses it thoroughly along with providing the skin with a super cooling effect. 

3. Honey, Milk powder and Lemon juice


This trio of super-effective items is from my kitchen that efficiently remove tan from the skin in just a few days. In order to achieve consistency, it is important to add a powder element to this paste. If milk powder is not available, you can add milk and apply this on the skin with the help of a cotton swab.

4. Curd and lime/orange juice

orange and lemon

Curd works great in removing tan and along with a vitamin C juice, it becomes an unbeatable duo that removes tan effectively. 

5. Tomato, Cucumber and gram flour


Tomato, cucumber, and gram flour would not only remove tan but also nourish your skin. You can add these ingredients to your blender and blend all of this together. Apply this paste on the affected area every day for the best results.

6. Potato, honey and lemon juice


Potato, as we all know, works great in removing under-eye bags. It is also a helpful ingredient when dealing with tanning. Blend potato slices, honey, and lemon juice together. To achieve the right consistency you can add either gram flour or oatmeal powder.

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