Welcome to yet another exciting article of our In-House Series. We've already talked about In-House Facial, In-House Hair Spa, In-House Pedicure and in this article we'll be discussing how you can polish your body, at the comfort of your sweet home and guess what we aren't spending any money on this as well, all the ingredients can be easily found in the kitchen. Excited? I bet, you are :)

What Makes Body-Polishing an Essential Ritual?

Short Answer: It's like a facial but for your body which makes the whole of you glow like a bulb.

Long Answer: We often focus on our face, ignorant of the fact that our whole body needs the same treatment. Body-Polishing is a process which will need your focus on quite a large area but trust me, it's all worth it when you see the results. Here are some genuine results of body polishing:

1. It opens clogged pores so that the skin care products can go deep in the skin.

2. Reverses any Sun damage and reduces tan instantly.

3. Exfoliates the skin and removes the dead cells.

4. Paves way for building up of new healthy cells.

5. Removes any excess oil or grime from your skin.

6. Eliminates body hair to some extent.

7. Evens out the skin tone.

8. Improves blood circulation.

9. Gives you a rejuvenated feeling.

Are you convinced yet? 😉

What's more relaxing is the fact that you only need to do it once a month. (Hey fellow lazy queen!) 

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What Will You Need and Why?

1. Wheat Flour (Atta)

Yeah, the same that is used in our everyday chapatis (flat-breads) can also be used to provide nourishment to our skin. Wheat flour is rich in Vitamin E, and it slows down the process of skin ageing and gives you youthful skin.

2. Gram Flour (Besan) 

Besan is not an alien-term if you love pakoras (fritters is the English term, but it doesn't give me the same feeling as pakoras!). Now an obvious question from you, 'But Nikita, how will besan help my skin?' Well, it is an excellent scrub and exfoliates skin cleaning out any excess oil or dirt, thus help you unclog your pores. Goodbye, dead skin.

3. Turmeric (Haldi)

It is being used since times immemorial for its antibacterial properties, Turmeric helps in giving you a blemish-free skin. No wonder, applying haldi is a quintessential ritual in Indian marriages.

4. Coconut Oil

Very few people know that coconut oil is more than just a hair-oil. It has a number of benefits and a pleasing fragrance. Apart from its euphoric aroma, coconut oil is a storehouse of Lauric acid which helps in smoothening of your skin.

5. Almond Oil

Heard of any oil which acts as a magnet for other oils? Well, the answer is almond oil. Though being an oil itself, it can easily extract excess dirty oils from your skin and hence a mutual friend for all types of skin. Dead skin will be removed by Gram Flour and Almond Oil will help your skin to produce new cells.

6. Milk

Yeah, the same milk drinking which without bournvita was an unpaid task of Roadies, during our childhood. Packed with Antioxidants and a lot of nutrients, Milk reduces tan and helps in improving the complexion of skin. What do you want more?

7. Lemon

Skin Care enthusiasts have a different definition for lemons which is similar to 'When life gives you lemons, make a Face-Pack'. Owing to its bleaching properties, Lemon is used immensely for skin-lightening purposes. People with sensitive skin may experience irritation by applying lemon directly over the skin, so it's recommended to either do a patch test first or to skip adding a lemon to the paste.

How Can You Do Body-Polishing At Home :

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1. Warm Shower 

Just take a warm shower before you start with the hectic yet fruitful process. Cleaning your body during this step doesn't count as you will be cleaning it in the next step so just restrict it to a warm shower without any body wash/soap.

2. The Body-Polishing Process

It's time to prepare the much-talked-about concoction aka the body-polishing paste. Take a bowl and add 4 tablespoons of Wheat Flour, 2 tablespoons of Gram Flour, 1 tablespoon of Turmeric, 4 tablespoons of Coconut Oil, 2 tablespoons of Almond Oil and squeeze a half lemon over the dry ingredients. Mix it well and now add the milk accordingly to make it into a thick paste. Remember, it doesn't have to be runny otherwise you will drop a lot of it on the floor while rubbing it over your skin. Apply the paste on your exposed body parts or on the whole body and massage in circular motions. After the massage, leave it to get semi-dry for 15 minutes. Now rub it off gently from your skin with the help of a little water in your hands. When you're done with this, rinse it off with water to remove anything that is left.

3. Moisturising

Your skin needs a lot of hydration and care so it's time to pamper it. Pick your favourite moisturiser/body lotion and hydrate your body.

Are you trying this today or a day later?😛. 

Until next article, Stay Healthy, Stay Safe!

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