In case you are wondering what your favourite Bollywood stars are up to these days under quarantine, we have news for you.

The talented queen of Bollywood Deepika Padukone who last appeared in Chhapaak movie is practising social distancing amid coronavirus scare. She is in her Mumbai home with her energetic hubby Ranveer Singh and is trying her best to entertain people through her social media.

We went through her Instagram profile and found some of her cutest picture which will tell you how she is spending her isolation time. She has started a series soon after the lockdown was announced to keep her fans updated. She posts pictures of what she is doing every now and then. 

Cleaning & Wardrobe

In her series of pictures she shared, she posted a picture of her clothes with hashtags cleaning & wardrobe.

Deepika Padukone cleans her wardrobe
Deepika Padukone cleans her wardrobe

Self-love & Self-care

She next shared a picture where she is massaging her face with hashtags self-love and self-care!

Deepika Padukone massaging her face            

Juice & Fruits

She also gave out a message of eating healthy by drinking juice and relishing fruits.

Deepika Padukone drinking juice
Drink Juice
Deepika Padukone eating fruits
Eat Fruits


She loves working out and hence shared her pictures from a work out session.

Deepika Padukone getting ready for workout
Getting Ready For Workout
Deepika Padukone walking on a treadmill
Walking On A Treadmill

Ice Cream

While one day she is exercising to keep herself, she never forgets to treat herself which she shares with this next picture.

Deepika Padukone enjoying ice cream
Ice Cream

Grocery List

Just like any other woman, she also takes care of her home and ensures there is enough ration by making a grocery list, isn't that lovely?

Deepika Padukone's grocery list
Grocery List

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