Most of us have grown up seeing movies, or seeing our friends around us dating and have got the idea that the “first” step is always taken by a man and that it's always a man who has to approach or confess or propose a girl! 

Have you ever questioned that? 

Have you ever felt like taking the first step or leading towards someone you like but have refrained yourself from telling him because you tell yourself how a girl can propose? Maybe now is the time to change this perspective.

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First of all, it is completely normal for a girl to propose to a man. It is not the 1900s anymore, if you seek equality, you should definitely take a step towards bridging the gap between the genders. 

If you feel uncomfortable proposing to him, fearing rejection or something else, you can always drop hints in a subtle way just to let him know that you are interested. below mentioned are some of the ways you can use to get the man of your dreams.

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1. Stating Your Feelings Simply

This way is perhaps the most less complicated way to let someone you like know your feelings for them.

It keeps things straight and without any misunderstandings or misconceptions. However, the girl should be aware of the nature of the boy she would be approaching.

Is the guy like someone who would start humiliating or insulting you after you have told him about your feelings?

Is the guy someone who would spread rumours about you or label you or spread the news everywhere?

If you feel these problems exist, then think twice before letting him know. Otherwise, if you find him mature, wise, and respectful towards every girl whosoever then give it a shot. Make your heart lighter!

2. Get To Know Him Closely & Make Efforts!

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Each one of us likes efforts, don’t we? 

It always feels nice to know someone who makes those simple and subtle efforts for us and it's only because of those efforts, we let someone get close to us or get to know us.

So, make some simple efforts but without superficial expectations. Try talking to him, it can range simply from asking him how was his day to knowing his hobbies, ambitions, etc.

Don’t make fast moves. Let him know that you are patient and are genuinely interested to be with him.

3. Prioritize Him 

As women, and as the stigma of men always approaching first, we often are told to or often feel that it’s okay to pretend that you are uninterested when you are interested or to pretend that you don’t value him or prioritize him when in reality he is the one you keep thinking about all day long! 

It's okay to be called ‘desperate’ by your friends if you are just being expressive and truthful. Being desperate in the right way is beautiful because we never really know whether we are going to get enough chances, right?? So, let him know that he has a special place in your life.

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4. Remember The Little Things About Them

When you remember the smallest details from a conversation or the littlest of things about a person and when the person is aware of that, he would be very pleased.

The fact that you remember the minutest of details implies that you paid attention and attention, my friend, is the purest form of love and so is listening.

5. Body Language

When we fall short of words or actions, body language can help us express our feelings to a beloved.

Having a comfortable posture around them, mirroring their body language, initiating eye contact, and giving him friendly vibes are sure to reflect your feelings for him. A gentle smile and a little laugh go a long way!

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So, these are some ways, you could use to let him know and these ways can hint towards what is ‘obvious’. 

When he does get aware of your feelings, you will get to know that he does and if you feel that the guy will be okay hearing it from you in some fancy language then go for it! 

Don’t think about what he feels for you but just spill your heart out. 

Don’t hold back, you never know he might feel the same for you and if he doesn’t, you should know that too. It's always good to be aware.



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