If you are tired of carrying makeup in your bag for touch-ups, here is something for you. There are certain tips which increase the life of your makeup and you will never have to say no to 'after office parties'. Read the article till the end to find out how you can rock the look all day long...

Rub Ice Cubes

Before diving right into the makeup, clean your face and rub ice cubes for 1 minute to shrink your pores which will make your makeup last longer.

Prime It Right

Priming your skin with a good primer helps control sweating and close pores which helps the makeup stay all day long.

Use Light Moisturizer

Instead of using a highly creamy moisturizer, pick one which hydrates and gives a matte finish otherwise makeup will slip off your skin.

If you have oily skin, check out our review of Ponds Light Gel.

Use Waterproof Products

To ensure your makeup doesn't budge from its place, use waterproof products. Waterproof mascara stays a lot longer than the regular one.

Oil-free Products

Oil-based products make your skin slippery, which increases the chances of slipping your makeup and your makeup will be gone sooner than you want it to.

Liquid Lipstick Is Here To Stay 

Liquids are the first to wipe off because of their creamy base. To make your lipstick stay longer, use a liquid lipstick or non-transfer matte bullets which don't stain and last longer. Powder your lips before applying lipstick which will set them for long hours.

Here are a few lipstick hacks for you.

Gel Based Eyebrow Product

Use a gel or wax-based eyebrow palette to set your eyebrows which will stay longer than regular cream-based products that wear off easily.

Setting Your Makeup

Setting your makeup with a translucent powder will keep your base in place and crease-free. Make sure you have applied enough, but not too much as it can ruin your look.

Setting Your Eye Makeup

To increase the longevity of your eyeshadow, prime your lids and wet your makeup brush with setting spray and then pick eyeshadow. Try to avoid glittery eyeshadows as they don't stick for a long time.

Setting Spray In The End

At the end of your makeup, set everything into its place by spraying a good setting spray. It doesn't let anything slip off.

Blot Your Face

After you are done with makeup, take a blotting paper and soak all the excess makeup on that paper. It will absorb all oil from your makeup.

These amazing makeup hacks will change your life by taking your makeup game a notch higher. Keep your makeup fresh longer by following these tips.

See you soon in the next article!

Stay healthy, stay safe. 😊

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