"Love at First Sight", must not be a popular thing but "Crush at first sight" is a common experience. Situations like DDLJ where the guy helps in pulling the girl inside the running train and they falling in love later has raised our hopes high. These are some common situations: You are travelling by a metro and an attractive guy stands up to offer his seat, you spend the whole journey admiring him, you saw a guy at your cousin's wedding and now his cute face isn't leaving your head, relatable, no? He can be your friend, colleague or a random stranger, you just can't stop crushing at him. God came to your side and you found a way to contact him, but wait, how do you get your crush talking? How to initiate a conversation with your crush? Looks like, I may help 😉

1. Look For Opportunities When You Can Help Them

Man helping woman

All of us want people who make our lives easier, what can be better than helping your favorite human? Know about them, do some homework and find some effective ways to help them out. Who knows they might invite you over for a coffee as a thank you note.

2. Ask Them For A Help

When there is no opportunity, you create one. So, you did all the groundwork and all your research states that there is no way to help them out as they don't have any issues at present? Why not, ask them to help you? Tell your problems to them and seek for a solution aka their attention towards you. 

3. A Simple 'Hi, How Are You' is A Big No

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Hands down! The biggest mistake you can do over social media chats. What do you do with people sending you hi over social media? Most of hi-initiators stay in our message request folders, isn't it? If you're interested in a person, you have to be clear from your first move. Remember, first impression is the last impression?

4. Compliment Them

Who doesn't love compliments? Compliments give you that happy feeling of satisfaction for a thing that worked right. Your crush captured your heart in one go, there is certainly a thing about him that made you fall for him, when are you gonna tell him that? Compliment him but don't overdo it, you don't wanna sound desperate, do you?

5. Get Started On Mutual Interests

Girl watching his crush

Find out What They Love Doing, What Are The Shows that they love watching on a loop, What is their favorite place to hang out, What is their favorite place in their home town, What are their Hobbies, etc and you won't know when this conversation lasted for more than an hour.😉

6. Talk About A Recent Happening

This is tricky, not everyone is abreast of current affairs but you can definitely talk about the popular events that are happening around us. Amidst current situations, your topics can be corona virus, the ways to spend quarantine, new hobbies during lock down, some viral challenge or simply a discussion over how things will fall back into their place, post-lock down. However, try to talk calmly if you have a difference of opinion, don't argue with them. 

7. Don't Be Nervous, At least Pretend Not To Be

Couple sitting together on a rock

'I am not awkward around my crush' said no one ever. Trust me, we all are 🙈. The Hack lies in pretending not to be nervous. Pop a chewing gum to get the conversation going buttery-smooth. "To err is human" so even if things get messed up, stay assured, they would definitely give you a benefit of being human. 

8. Encourage Them, It Is Attractive

You too like people who encourage you, don't you? When you know that they are going to start a new journey: a new job, a startup, a YouTube channel, an Instagram page or whatever it is, you should always encourage them. As a person, who wants to be a permanent member in their life, you should often motivate them towards the right things and provide constructive criticism whenever necessary.

If you visualized a person while reading this, that person is definitely your crush.


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