In today's article, we present you with the recipe for an Indian version of milk pudding made from the colostrum of milk. The colostrum of milk can be obtained by the milk of a lactating cow that is easily available at a dairy. Colostrum acts as an immunity booster in the form of prebiotics, hence making it the healthiest pudding.

Let's learn how to make this appetizing and healthy milk-pudding at home.

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Ingredients/ Contents

  • 500 ml of colostrum or chik
  • Half cup of whole milk
  • Half a cup of sugar
  • 15 to 20 strands of saffron
  • 1/4 part of a nutmeg seed
  • 3-4 crushed cardamom seeds


  1. Take the colostrum into a bowl, then add an equal amount of milk & sugar in the bowl (as mentioned).
  2. Now stir and blend the mixture until sugar is completely dissolved.
  3. Add crushed cardamom seeds and nutmeg seed and mix thoroughly, you can add some saffron strands in it to garnish.
  4. Now pour this mixture into a vessel.
  5. Boil some water in a steamer (pressure cooker/pan) and put your vessel in it and cover the vessel with a lid or cap.
  6. Now heat for approx. 15-20 minutes on medium flame.
  7. To check if the pudding is cooked, take your vessel out and insert a knife or a knitting needle just like we do after baking a cake. The needle comes out clean if the pudding is steamed properly.
  8. Let the pudding cool down. Remove the pudding and cut it in small parts or in a shape you like.
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Your yummy milk-pudding is ready!

Note - Refrigerate, and consume the milk pudding within two days.


Do try this very simple and appetizing recipe and enjoy Indian style milk pudding at home. 

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