Most of our worst days are the days we are bleeding. Some lucky angels sail through their periods like it's no big deal, and tbh, I envy them. Welcome to the club if you also get marred by these unbearable periods. You can make these days better by trying some of these things...

Eat Chocolates

Dark chocolate cubes

Chocolates are a girl's best friend during periods. Experiencing menstrual cramps and mood swings are normal but become unbearable sometimes. Eating dark chocolate can help improve your mood, making you satisfied and calm. Studies have also shown that they help in reducing pain levels during cramps. Stock up on the chocolate and indulge in some pure love this month.

Talk To Your Friends

It works like magic, sharing your pain and deep thoughts with someone who goes through the same problem every month really helps calm you down. Sit down with your friends and tell them how you feel and distract yourself by immersing yourself in the good times with your happy people. Your mood will be uplifted quickly, what more does a girl need!


Yoga for light work out  

Light workouts on these difficult days can actually help reduce the pain, light being the keyword here! Heavy workouts can get you stressed, which would make the situation more difficult for you.

Entertain Yourself

There is no way better than chilling to keep your mood calm and lifted. Distract yourself from the hell of pain by watching a few episodes from your favourite series or else you can read a book if you like reading. This will not lessen the pain, but definitely help you feel a lot better.

Sleep Like A Baby

Time to become a sleeping beauty

Often we feel like doing nothing at all because everything feels terrible and the pain worsens the things. Isolate yourself and get inside the bed and doze off. Don't deal with the pain or the complications, sleep like a baby and you'll feel a lot better on waking up. Also, if you sleep with your knees close to your chest, it helps with the pain. So yeah, sleep like a baby!! 

Become A Burrito

Remember the good childhood days when we used to wrap the blanket around and sleep through the day, it was the best. You can still relive those moments. When you don't feel like getting up because of the pain, just wrap a blanket or sheet around you and get a hot water bag. Heaven is yours now.

Try these small but effective ways to put your body to ease instead of taking medicine right away.

We will see you soon in the next article. Take care. 😊

Shalvi Singh

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Shalvi Singh

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