Summer is here and your coolers and air conditioners are on. However, only sitting in front of your AC 24*7 isn't the very affordable thing to do. To help you prep for the heat in these months, here are a few ways to keep yourself cool this summer.

Stay Hydrated

stay hydrated

Make sure you drink AT LEAST 8-10 glasses of water a day. It's the sweating and dehydrating season, therefore it is important to stay hella hydrated at home.

PS- Eat water-rich fruits like watermelon and cucumbers to help with the water intake.



Practicing mindfulness is indeed a cooling activity. It de-heats you from within, you start feeling lighter and refreshed.

Light-Coloured Clothes

light colored clothes

We all know that dark colours absorb heat. Therefore it is essential to dress in light-coloured clothes like whites, and pastels.

Tip- Try and wear baggy and bigger sized clothes for air-flow.

Stay Away From Sticky Moisturizers

don't use sticky moisturizers

It's time to switch from moisturizers to gel. Moisturizers stick to the skin and add up to the stuffy heat present. It becomes oily and gets warm. Switch to gels as they get absorbed quickly and have a very cooling and chilly effect on the skin. It's also good for the skin in terms of moisturizing and doesn't warm you up.

Drink Detox Water

drink detox water

Add pieces of lemon, orange, or any other citrus fruit to a bottle of cold water. Another way is to add cucumber slices and mint leaves to a bottle of water and consuming this potion. Detox water is great for summers and helps you stay healthy AND hydrated.


BONUS TIP-  Take cold water baths, cover your windows to limit the amount of sunlight entering the house, avoid oily and heavy food, and STAY SAFE INDOORS.

I hope this was helpful, I request you all to stay indoors and stay healthy this summer. 🧡