Teen movies have always been a MAJOR in the film industry. The 2000s was a great time for teen movies and that period gave us some very iconic teen movies that have stuck with us till date. It was a time when everybody made sure they're wearing pink on Wednesdays and constantly quoting their favorite teen movie dialogues (As If!!). Even today we watch these for the 99th time acting like it just released yesterday because.. hello.. they are really worth the hype. The 2000s was an iconic time and the cherry on top were these teen movies.

Here is a list of the iconic teen movies of the 2000s that you and I have grown up watching:

Mean Girls

mean girls
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You possibly cannot think about a teen movie list and not count in Mean Girls. It was a game changer. Every girl wanted to feel like she's a part of this movie. Iconic in every sense, Mean Girls surely set a mark, a big fat pink Plastic mark (if you know you know).

Legally Blonde

legally blonde
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All I can think of is walking in the gates of Harvard University with a puppy in my hand. Legally Blonde is another teen movie that very shortly after its release became a favorite of every teen because you gotta teach stupid boys, a lesson. Our protagonist in this journey learns that there is much more to life than just looks. Bend and Snap all the way!!


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Satirical and funny, Clueless is a great watch for a sleepover. The lead lady is smart, rich but "clueless" about a lot of things. She makes a girl in school popular and in turn figures out a lot about herself. 

Bring It On

bring it on
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This famous teen comedy-drama revolves around a cheer leading squad that is equipped with all things necessary and is ready to compete in the national championship. It talks majorly about sportsmanship and Ariana Grande in her iconic music video "Thankyou Next" also paid homage to this film along with many others.

Bend It Like Beckham

bend it like Beckham
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The brown girl in me shouted when I saw this movie. Brown representation+football+teen girl= a favorite! The movie focuses on a Sikh girl (our protagonist) rebelling against her orthodox parents to let her play football.

Freaky Friday

freaky friday
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Mom and daughter switch their lives and it is more hilarious/horrific than it sounds. Both of them are supposed to lead each other's lives for one freaky Friday.

The Princess Diaries

the princess diaries
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Mia, a shy and unpopular teenager finds out that she is actually a PRINCESS! The movie is her journey from the shy Mia to Princess of Genovia.


If you have watched all these movies, give yourself a pat on the back! Also let me know if I missed any of your favorites from the list. Stay happy and keep binging.  

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