As the world became a global internet village, the introduction of Apps was something that kept us hooked to that village. Women have many responsibilities to cater to, while seeking a perfect balance between home and work, we often neglect to take good care of ourselves. Being a Woman, I get it all and here are my favourite Apps that will help you ease your life.

Note: All are the ratings are based on the reviews from the play store. 

1. Women's Safety (Ratings-4.2)

Women safety app
Source: Women's safety app

Rapes, even amidst lockdown are the perfect example of why should you not take your safety for granted. While we keep blaming society for such crimes, we should also understand that this is not going to stop until we take a stand for it and take charge of our safety in our own hands. This app has got helpful features like sending your location to trusted contacts, playing a siren to seek attention in time of crisis, recording of video and audio etc. Time to remove the 'Abla' label from your skin and turn it into a tigress.


2. Maya (Ratings - 4.8)

Maya app
Source: Maya app

Looks like a friend's name, but what is it? It is an app to track your 'that time' of the month. Don't judge me for being conservative, I was just throwing hints that it is an app to track your PERIODS. Additionally, it lets you add indications like bloating, acne, etc and also informs you about your ovulation period. 

Worrying about Why you missed your periods? There is a forum backed by a community of women who literally got your back.


3. Lose Belly Fat at Home (Ratings - 4.8)

Lose Belly Fat at Home
Source: Lose Belly Fat at Home

This App is your Personal Fitness Trainer which will keep your paunch at bay. While I was dubious before trying if it would work, I was flabbergasted just after the first week. Take my words, ' You are not gonna regret installing this'. If you are not a gym lover, this app is all you need. It sets a customised exercising plan for the next 30 days and even gives you occasional offs (that's all we want). If you forgot to work out with it (or as most times, when you pretend to forget), this app will send a notification reminding you to sweat it out. Much Stubborn like your personal trainer but completely free.

Android - iOS

4. Evernote (Ratings - 4.2)

Evernote app
Source: Evernote app

For working women, this is when your search ends for a personal assistant. Organise your schedule, take notes or just scan anything, this will save you a lot of time which you can then devote to your loved ones.

Android - iOS


In the era when we keep stressing a lot, these are the must-have apps. Share it with other women and help them relax a bit because that's what Angels do. 😉

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