Only women know that they are the creator of a small world existing inside their bag. Men, even though fascinated, are denied access to this world, not because it contains some illegal components but because it holds some secret wonders. 😉

Today, I will introduce you to some important people who have a prestigious status in the bag planet.

1. Lip Balm

Something's wrong but it won't disturb your reading pace,pinky promise girl!

Meet Miss Lip Balm, she is our emergency stylist. Whenever our matte lipstick makes our lips feel like Thar desert, she becomes a beautiful rain over it, Whenever our face feels dull, she adds an extra shine to it and Whenever we got a slight wound, she tries being a cover to it. Her cousin, lip gloss is also a famous member of the bag planet.

2. Sanitary Napkin

A member of bag planet since our puberty years, she is someone who holds us in difficult times. Be it our school bag, college bag, office bag or our party bag, she is always a respected member of the bag community. She is a fearless lady with great resilience and can be our shield to awkward situations. 

3. Pepper Spray

Red stones studded pepper spray keychain

Mr Pepper Spray is our bodyguard. Though he doesn't has a similar body like Salman Khan, but one can't doubt his fiery skills. Not that we take his help very often but just his presence makes us confident enough to go anywhere. Small-heightened but can make anyone cry if they made you uncomfortable, this guy is always a saviour or a knight in shining armour if you will. 

4. Sanitizer

Major Sanitiser is the army officer of bag planet who safeguards us from the attacks of Germ-Nation. After it's exemplary service during the times of Coronavirus, he has been promoted to the rank of General. Whenever water is inaccessible and we want to munch on our favourite food, Sanitiser Sir takes care that we eat without fearing any attack by unhealthy bullets.

5. Wipes 

Wet Wipes

Wet wipes are stress-relievers for our beautiful face. We are never travelling solo as we always have these little wonders as our travel-buddies. When they touch our face after a long day, the tiredness on our face goes like poof! 

6. A Compact

Miss Compact is our beautician on the go. Whenever we are invited to go on sudden outings, she saves the day. Wanna take a selfie but your face looks exhausted? try applying a compact. Adding an instant oomph to your face, this will make you click better pictures of yourself.

We do have more members in the bag world but these are the essential ones that all of us carry, don't we?

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