When I first heard about the Dalgona coffee, I was all excited about a new food trend (perhaps one of the few things to keep me engaged during the quarantine). However, after going through the familiarity of the recipe, I realized this is yet another 'Haldi wala doodh' that became the Turmeric Latte of the west or 'pakoras' that changed their name to Fritters after visiting the overseas. Dalgona coffee was none other than our desi 'phenti hui coffee', just upside down. I didn't know I had been drinking the viral coffee since forever.

I saw Twitter, Instagram and Tiktok flooding with this trendy dalgona coffee which is also termed as the 'Quarantine Drink' by many influencers online. I knew I had to do a face-off.

I decided on creating both, the dalgona coffee as well as my desi phenti hui coffee. The cups were ready, and so was my dad with this phento-ing skills (whipping skills). The result was a yellow ochre/light brown whipped coffee cream. I transferred it to the respective glasses and moved on to the final preparations.

The coffees were served, and my papa had the honour of tasting them (well deserving).

Result: The Dalgona coffee served with chilled milk and crowned with rich cream won all the points for the gram. It gives out luxury aesthetic vibes, something that all our VSCO accounts need. To drink, however, it isn't the best. The cold milk doesn't mix with the coffee cream very well. The unmelted sugar isn't very pleasing and it's hard to consume with the lather up the brim. But it's something new and its pretty fun to make, so why not.

dalgona coffee

Our desi phenti hui coffee seems like any other not-so-fancy coffee. The beaten coffee is mixed with warm milk and voila! It might not beat the quarantine drink with its aesthetics but it tastes like a warm hug. The sugar melts with the warm milk and blends with coffee so well it takes you back to your childhood days. It might just be my Desi taste buds but a sip of our phenti hui coffee paid off my morning coffee shenanigans.


To back up my results of the face-off, I even posted an Instagram poll on my stories and the outcome was pretty obvious. Phenti hui coffee was voted by 85% of my modest number of followers (not a very reliable source whatsoever).


All in all, opinions are subjective, what matters is coffee. The corona season calls for good food and therefore good times. Whether Desi or Dalgona, the winner will always be COFFEE.

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Stay safe! 😃