For the longest time, it was thought that movies are only meant for entertainment, but this is absolutely incorrect in today's cinema. 

It is true that the stories portrayed in the movies are packed with entertainment, they can lift up your mood instantly, provided you are not watching a sad/depressing movie. 

Lately, the movies which are being produced are giving society valuable lessons without compromising on the entertainment front. We couldn't have imagined a female lead in a big-budget movie 10 years back, but now, it's happening! 

Producers are taking the risk and making women-centered movies in mainstream cinema and people are loving these strong women's movies. Women are especially getting the inspiration and strength to be independent in life, and it's almost miraculous. 

If you are also wondering where to get some inspiration on how to become a strong woman, you’d probably want to binge-watch these 4 movies now, which will take you through a ride of realistic scenarios and encourage you to be you: a strong, independent woman.

1. Pink

Year of release: 2016

Star Cast: Tapsee Pannu, Kirti Kulhari, Amitabh Bachhan, Andrea Taring

Taapsee Pannu in Pink

Pink is a movie that is certain to shake society and give you goosebumps. It shatters prejudices and perceptions of how an “ideal” woman should be. 

A brilliant movie, the story encourages women to stand up for themselves and not compromise on their self-respect. 

The role of Amitabh Bachhan as a lawyer is also a ray of hope amongst the plight of women who are often discouraged to ask for their deserved rights. Moreover, the movie also sarcastically highlights the stupid parameters a society expects women to put up and compromise with while giving men an upper hand.

An example from the movie is: If a woman drinks and smokes with men, she is a characterless woman and is showing interest in him but if a man smokes with you, it's normal and it is nothing more than only a health hazard. See the irony?

2. English Vinglish

Year of release: 2012

Star Cast: Sridevi, Adil Hussain

Sridevi in English vinglish

A very subtle movie revolving around the concept of confidence and self-respect; This movie is sure to push you beyond your limits.

Sridevi who is a simple housewife and runs a small business of making ladoos in the movie teaches us how the simplest of our talents and qualities can be valued in a place and by people who respect you and don’t take you for granted. 

The movie throws light upon, how every task which a woman carries out in her household or as her so-called “duty” deserves a due amount of appreciation, recognition, and respect. 

A woman who thought, that she isn’t worthy enough learns how to confront her fears and gets out of her comfort zone to learn English just for her satisfaction and she sure does surprise everyone with her utter sweetness and grit to learn. 

While teaching how to value yourself, one should watch this movie while thinking about their simplest of aspirations.

3. Queen

Year of release: 2014
Star Cast: Kangana Ranaut, Rajkumar Rao, Lisa Haydon

Kangana Ranaut in Queen

Imagine preparing to marry the love of your life and going on a honeymoon to your dream destination and all the dreams clash suddenly when he refuses to marry you suddenly. What would you do? Sob in a corner? Tear your tickets?

Exactly opposite of this attitude is what Kangana Ranaut in “ Queen” teaches you: to be a Queen, even if you don’t have a king with you.

A saga of a woman who shows us how you can have the best of your times on a honeymoon alone without your husband. Yes, you heard it right. Honeymoon without your husband.

From the experience of first time travelling to a foreign country, to get to know their culture to make the best of friends through your sheer innocence and goodness, Rani Mehra won hearts.

It shows us how one needs to not lose oneself no matter what the situation is. One has the best of times by being themselves and attracting people who see you as you.

Throughout the trip to Paris, Rani does things and faces challenges which she never thought she could do alone. She makes cross-cultural friendships and makes us realizes how language is not a barrier to connecting with people. 

In the end, she emerges as a winner and a queen which she always was, and shows us the need of being comfortable in one’s skin.

4. Tumhari Sulu

Year of release: 2017
Star cast: Vidya Balan, Manav Kaul, Neha Dhupia

Vidya Balan In Tumhari Sulu

Revolving around a very simple plot including a regular housewife wanting to go beyond her normal life, and do something more exciting to add an extra zeal in her otherwise mundane life. 

The movie shows how her simple desire affects her loved ones, and her choice to not give up or compromise.

Vidya Balan truly shows us how one can make life exciting through the simplest of things.

Through some course of events she discovers the job of a Radio Jockey, and owing to her spontaneous nature, she auditions for the job and gets hired for night shifts. Despite her family taunts pointing towards how a woman is not supposed to get out of her house and do a job of an RJ, she rises against all odds and does exceptionally well.

The movie’s core lesson is to not compromise on your wishes to achieve more. It also highlights the importance of having a supportive husband who holds her wife’s hand through her dreams just like she holds his too. It also shows the necessity of having an understanding relationship between a husband and wife to live a peaceful life without having to give up on one's aspirations and dreams.

Tumhari Sulu might just be the most relatable movie to ever watch.


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