Imagine getting ready for a party, getting your hair and makeup done and suddenly you look at your nails and realize all your charm is spoiled by those undone nails. That's a major turnoff, right?

It is always important to get your nails done. You don't have to visit salons always and spend thousands of rupees on nails. Instead, you can do it at home, but never skip manicures, especially before a big event. Because just like your appearance, nails leave an impression too.

Now all of us are aware of the ongoing trend of #nailfies. We see our favourite celebrities rocking beautiful nail arts and we tend to get influenced by them. Every female at some point or the other must have thought of getting their nails done in the salon. 

But once you walk into a nail salon and see the overwhelming numbers of designs and shapes etc, it can get pretty confusing for you to choose one. 

Worry not! If you want to be the "Life of the party", then glittery nails are perfect and this can help you to stand out amongst the crowd. To get an idea of what you want before reaching the salon, you might want to keep reading this article.

In this article, we will suggest to you the 20 best Instagram nail pages for glittery nails from where you can draw inspiration and nail it!

So, let's hop right into it...

1. Nails By Minea

Nails By Minea

The account is run by a Finland based nail artist who goes by the name 'Nails By Minea' with 2K followers.

If you are someone who is a fan of  "shades of pink" then this account will surely help you out to pick your favourite pinky glittery nails. 

Not just that, the account has nail ideas for all types of nail shapes. Pick your one and rock it!

2. Lucy In The Sky Of Glitter

🌟Lᵁᴄʸ🌟 in the sky of glitter ✨
Lucy in the sky of glitter

The account 'Lucy in the sky of glitter' is run by an Italian manicurist. It has more than 5K followers. There are numerous posts on glittery nails. If you want to go for something subtle but want to add that pop of glitter then this account will serve you the best looks.

3. Tatiana Nails

Tatiana nails
Tatiana Nails

The page has 39k followers and the content makes this account well-deserving of so many followers. If you are looking to experiment with glitters, nude polishes etc, then you are at the right place. 

It has various options on nude and glitters. However, it is not limited to neutrals only, there are eye-popping colours too. Have a look at this mesmerizing nail account.

4. Nails by Alyson

Nails By Alyson
Nails By Alyson

The page is a treat for the eyes. The page goes by the name 'Nails by Alyson'. The manicurist has experimented with all sorts of vibrant colours and glitters which makes it exquisitely beautiful. 

The account has 16.9k followers. Honestly well deserving!

5. Enails Studio

Enails Studio
Enails Studio

In case you fall in the category who are into short or medium length nails then this page is a place where you can get tones of ideas for your desired length. 

The account has 1.4k followers. It might have fewer followers but the creativity here is no less.

6. Nails By Nishtha

nails by nishtha

This Delhi based manicurist has 11.9k followers on her page. On this page, you can find all sorts of glitter nails- from French glitter nails to ombre glitter nails, everything in one place.

7. Solins Naglar

Solins Naglar

The account is run by a Swedish manicurist. This account basically features monochrome nails with a pop of glitter. So if you don't want to experiment with too many colours then this account can help you draw inspiration for monochrome colours but with glitters. This account has whopping 211k followers on Instagram.

8. Priscillas' Nails

Priscilla nails

With 38k followers, this account basically features French nails with lots of colour options and glitters. The colours are subtle and perfect for everyday wear.

9. Nail Design by Mel

Nail design by mel

The account is run by a Germany based manicurist and has 44.1k followers. 

It goes by the name 'NailDesign by Mel'. The account features basic neutral colour glittery nails which are perfect for everyday wear.

10. Nails by Abigel

Nails by Abigel

The account has 21.1k followers, based in Hungary. The account features short nails, perfect for those who don't want long nails. The colours used are pretty basic, yet they look beautiful with glitter on top.

11. Khun Mimi

Khun mimi

With 47k followers, the page features all kinds of nail shapes with beautiful nail arts which are neither too flamboyant nor too basic. The glitter nail arts look amazing.

12. Nails by Lola

Nails by Lola

If you want to play with colours then this account will help you. From neons to basics, the account has every type of nail art. The account features various flamboyant colours with glitters which makes it all the more beautiful.

13. Saida Nails GmH

Saida nails

Almond nails are trending these days. And this account knows it well. It features glittery nail arts on almond nails. It also has several floral glittery nails. You can find every colour here. The account has 37.8k genuine followers.

14. Nailed by Michelle

Nailed by Michelle

With 1.7k followers, the account features short nails with multiple colour options. From basics to cute to neon and glittery, you'll find every type of nail art here.

15. Skye Pletcher Negron

Skye pletcher negron

This account has 2.1k followers. The account features small cute almond nails with vibrant colours and glitter on top. The nails ideas are extremely beautiful.

16. Nails Clap3

Nails clap3

With 61.1k followers, this account serves both- short and long nails. From French manicures to funky colours, this page features every type kind of nails patterns and nail shape.

17. Romaly Nails

Romaly nails

This account again features various nail shapes. This page has many edgy nail arts which are unique and extremely creative. If you love experimenting with new patterns then this page can surely help you. This account has 8.6k followers.

18. Nail Design Curso

Nail design curso

The account features short nails with neutral colours, basically French nails. It has a pop of glitters too, which adds a spark to the overall look. The featured nail ideas are perfect for everyday wear as well as for a party. The account has 7k followers.

19. Ocean Nail Supply

Ocean Nail supply

If you want cool, funky nails like Cardi B which are a bit extra then this is where you can draw inspiration from. The account features various fancy glittery nails which are perfect for any big occasion. The account has 234k followers.

20. Puertorican Divah Nails

Puertorican Divah Nails

Last but not the least, this particular account has nail arts which basically experiments with all kinds of glitters. The looks are extremely gorgeous and a class. This account has 17K followers.


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