In the recent past, Bollywood songs have been nothing but mere remakes of the hits from the 90s. Remakes have been in the game for a very long time now. Whether it's "Main Hoo Don" from Don and Don 2 or "O Meri Mehbooba" from Dharam Veer and Fukrey Returns, remakes were always a part of the music industry. Remakes of Tamma Tamma, Haseeno ka Deewana, Kehdoon Tumhe, Humma Humma and many more have proved to be a sensational success on the charts. It felt like the music directors had finally cracked the password to the vault of super hits- REMAKES. However, off-late the production of remake songs has been a little too over the top and the Indian audience is the least impressed. With the recent blunder, Masakali 2.0 joining the list of remakes that fell flat on the charts, we ask everyone, "Are we looking forward to another remake?".

masakali 2.0

The entire Twitterati has been buzzing with the recent Masakali 2.0 going down like a lead balloon. The audience didn't seem impressed and were rather on a ranting spree as another one bites the dust. We didn't say that, the Jaipur police did. With internet flooding with memes, we saw the Jaipur police dropping truth bombs with their witty and humourous meme regarding the social distancing and Masakali 2.0.

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However, they weren't the only ones addressing the blunder, Grammy award winner A R Rahman took to Twitter to share the 'original track' he composed, and that didn't seem like a compliment for the latest entry.

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A plethora of petitions have been signed by people to "stop remaking Bollywood songs" and for the best.

All these signals are pointing towards the same direction "we need new music!!". Let's give this remake trend a break for a while and stick to how things were before when music wasn't merely 'taking an old song and adding a rap sequence to it'. It's time for some fresh, original music content that'll help us go through this pandemic and not something which adds on to our miseries furthermore. 

Are you with the Twitterati or are you swaying to the news of the new remake? Let me know your views on this topic. Don't forget to check out our other articles.