While Madhur was leaving for Mussoorie, Sanya was inconsolable, her friends warned her about the adversities that come with a long-distance relationship, she only stopped sobbing when Madhur assured her that long-distance relationship can also be like a fairy-tale. Sanya loved fairy-tales but she was having a hard time believing him. She was doubtful of whether or not their relationship will survive this test of distance? Oops, a very long distance!   

Many of us are in the same boat as Sanya. We often go through mini breakdowns when we sometimes need our loved ones, but they are in a far distant land. A mere thought of long-distance sounds like a spooky movie but we all know every cloud has a silver lining.

A couple holding hands in a cafe
Couple goals?? 

Why do I say this? Here are some points to present to you my case, your honour!

1. You Stop Taking Each Other For Granted

You don't miss their calls because you know they might be busy when you call them back. Your schedule includes a fixed time allotted to them and both of you align your schedule accordingly. You try to solve conflicts rather than stretching them, even if it sustains, the little game of roothna-manana starts and trust us, these conflicts strengthen the relationship. The other day Sanya was upset and she received flowers on her office desk, guess who the sender was? 

2. A More Spiritual Bond Than Physical

Woman having a video call
No matter where you are, you will always be in my heart!

Now that both of you are in your respective cities or timelines, the chances of physical intimacy are almost null. This duration helps you test your relationship on the parameter of emotional levels, something that will help you a lot in the long run. Sanya missed the warmth of Madhur's hug but the fact that Madhur put all his efforts to make her happy, always gave her strength. Like a princess caged in an abandoned castle, she awaits his return.

3. Difficult The Situation, Stronger The Bond

Wonder why the tasks for 'Swayamvars' were so difficult earlier? 

Well, they were to test the person who had the best ability to marry the Princess, you just can't test someone on common and easy parameters. Honey, you are the queen and you deserve someone no less than a king. So treat this as an opportunity to recognise his efforts for you. In one of the episodes of Ramayana, Lord Ram constructed a bridge of stone to bring back his beloved wife. You see, efforts?

4. You Get A Lot Of Me Time

Woman doing facial mask
Self-love is fun!

While you both were living in the same city and had a lot of happy WE time, you actually happened to lost a lot of ME time. Now that you've got access to it, why not put this time to best use. Catch up with your girlfriends, get a new haircut (and of course send him pictures), follow-up on your skincare routine (because video calls is still a thing and you love when he admires you) and get a gym membership (totally optional but helps a lot in maintaining a sane mind and of course a great body). Most importantly, you can focus on your goals more effectively, did I mention Men like independent women? Oops, let's get to it in the next point.

5. More Trust And Less Dependency

Trust grows when you see people not leaving your hand in difficult situations and while both of you take this test of distance, it multiplies at a great pace. A lot of us, I repeat not all but a lot of us have the habit of depending on our partners and this is the time when you learn to manage your things on your own. Be it collecting groceries, essentials or going to the theatre alone. Challenge yourself to do the best every time. Remember, a queen needs none.

Bonus: It also makes him want you more, he now knows you can do it all alone and this reassures him that you are only with him because you love him, no benefits intended.

I rest my case, your honour, by the way, a little update: Madhur and Sanya excelled in this test and today while he is returning to Delhi, Sanya has planned a little surprise for him by calling his school friends at the Airport, what is a long-distance relationship without beautiful Surprises. 😊

Remind your long-distance couple friends that it is a beautiful opportunity and to make the best out of it, by sharing this article with them. 

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