Every woman wants her lipstick to last as long as possible. Lipstick boosts her confidence and ultimately reflects her beauty. It is very frustrating when the lipstick disappears in a few hours, anyone would hate the idea of touch-up every time after drinking or eating something. If you're a woman who is looking for some easy-peasy lipstick hacks for a long-lasting color on her lips then check out these 5 dope hacks.

1. Exfoliate, Hydrate & Moisturize

woman touching her lips

This is an important routine before you apply the lipstick. Exfoliating, Hydrating, and moisturizing will help you get rid of dry and chapped lips and will give a smooth texture to your lips. So, all you need to do is gently scrub with balm, coconut oil or sugar scrub to remove the dead skin. Don't forget to put some lip balm before lipstick application.

2. Conceal & Prime

This step is often neglected by many women, but trust me it can really help your lipstick last longer. Lip primers are hydrating with a sticky texture so they are a must for dry lips. Now use a concealer to outline your lips, this will prevent smudging and increase the longevity of your lipstick.

3. Line & Brush

woman holding a brush and lip primer

Use a similar colored lip liner to fill in color, especially when you're putting a dark lipstick. The lip liner acts as an adherent to your lipstick and gives your lips nice shape. Dab on the center of your lips using a lip brush. Start filling the bottom and top lips and properly fill the edges. This will help your lipstick blend and absorb well.

4. Put On The Lipstick, Blot & Set

woman applying lipstick

Here comes the application part. Now put on the lipstick of your desired hue and properly blot it. To absorb the extra color, use a tissue paper, and hold it between your lips. Lastly, set your lipstick with powder using a tissue. To avoid powdery effect you can touch-up with your lipstick for one more time.

5. Reverse Line

woman putting lipstick

After the powder application, use a liner of similar lip color to outline your lips or a nude lip liner, preferably. This double lining process will prevent any smudging and will improve your lip outline and shape. Don't forget to end the process with a quick touch-up of your lipstick.


You're all set to Muah! 

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