Sheet masks with a cup of green tea make me feel like Aphrodite or something. It's like my journey towards ultimate beauty. You feel FLAWLESS. Now, I know some of us haven't been feeling ourselves lately because of the pandemic and also the unavailability of everyone's favourite sheet masks which make our faces feel rejuvenated.

Don't worry because here's a way to make a sheet mask for yourself AT HOME!

sheet mask

The Sheet

If you already have mask sheets you can use them (they are easily available on Amazon but since they aren't essential I'll suggest that you stick to the other option).

The other option is to use face wipes/tissues. Take the skin wipe and cut holes into it that align with your eyes, lips, and nose. This can be used in place of an actual sheet mask and it works pretty much the same. Once you are done with your mask dip it in filtered water for the time being.

The Serum

1. Aloe-vera Mask

Mix Aloe vera gel (I prefer gel directly from the plant, but if that isn't available you can switch to packaged gels), honey and rose water along with filtered water to achieve a specific consistency for the serum. Dip the mask in this serum #1 until it is all soaked up.

The next step is obviously APPLY AND ENJOY.


2. Rice Water Mask

Fermented rice water is also great for the skin. For this serum, add fermented rice water and green tea leaves/teabag to a bowl. Dip your mask in this serum and viola! your sheet mask #2 is ready to use.

rice water

You can make your serum by changing the ingredients to those that go well on your skin and customize it your way.


Make sure you also do a little research before you add anything to your face. Stay safe, stay healthy, and stay beautiful! 🧡

Thanks for reading, have a great day! :)