We all love makeup, don't we? Sometimes, we all mess up and that's okay because we are here to help you.  

Let us discuss some of the common mistakes that we make and get on the road to becoming a pro makeup artist.

Trying To Copy Makeup Tutorials

Have you been binge-watching makeup tutorials? Me too honey! 

One thing I've come to realise is that we actually don't need so much of the product that beauty bloggers use in their tutorials. Being on camera makes the makeup flawless but trust me if you put that many layers of makeup, you are not going to look your best self.

Ditching The Moisturizer

Moisturising your facial skin should be the first step in your makeup routine and sunscreen second depending on the sun. Applying makeup on dry skin results in a patchy and cakey face which is definitely taking your makeup look way down.

Ditching  The Primer

We all are guilty of excluding primers from our makeup routine which is slowly degrading our skin. Priming your face is very crucial for the foundation which sits on it. It prepares your face, evens out the skin to leave a flawless makeup finish which is exactly why you should grab a primer today.

Foundation Is Only For Face

Yes, if you want to look like a chameleon then go ahead and apply it only on the face. But if you want your skin to look as amazing as a model, then blend it properly especially on your neck and ears. Your makeup will look natural and yet perfect.

Shade Of Foundation

I have met people who advised me to get the foundation a shade lighter which would look better in pictures and make me fair. If you have such people in your life too, distance yourself with them and never ever pick a wrong shade for yourself. It would blend terribly and you might end up looking like a floating head.

Any Type Of Lighting

Never put your makeup in yellow light. The best makeup is done under the most natural lights which can be a problem in the evening. Get a light which works best for your makeup. Although, choose one that matches the natural settings the most.

Bright Colours

It is fun to get a little bold sometimes and choose colours like neon, orange and other bright colours for makeup. But on regular makeup days, do not experiment with bright choices and go with the one that is subtle, classy yet bomb.

It's too much!

Foundations and concealers hide the skin imperfections and make it look impeccable but putting on too much of them will crease your makeup. Creases in the makeup look really terrible and are a big no. Apply a light layer of foundation along with concealer only if necessary.

These were some of the makeup mistakes that are quite common. No need to panic, you can still do it right and become an artist if you make sure to follow our upcoming articles on makeup.

See you next time. Stay happy, stay safe. 😄

Shalvi Singh

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Shalvi Singh

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