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It has been a long time since we have reviewed any product and recently I tried Maybelline New York Superfresh compact which is very economical for all those who are on a budget.

Initially, I thought that it would not be as good and it would fail terribly if put to test, so I tried it and to my amazement, it backs up most of its claims. 

It will not make you fair or anything but keeps away all the oil and sweat for up to 5 hours.

Let's go...

Maybelline compact review


This cute compact comes in the common cardboard packaging. It has a white coloured compact container which has the compact cake packed inside. 

It also has a mirror which makes it travel-friendly, you don’t have to carry a mirror if you have Maybelline super-fresh compact in your bag. 

The compact includes a sponge for its application which has one side dedicated for use, sadly, I lost my sponge so the pictures do not have it. 🥺

It gives out a nice fruity smell and has such smooth silky texture that you cannot dislike.

Below mentioned are the shades offered by the product:

  • Pearl- Fair, cool-toned skin.
  • Shell- Fair, warm-toned skin.
  • Coral- Olive skin.
  • Marble- Dusky/Wheatish skin.


The ingredients are nowhere mentioned except one ingredient - Perlite

It is a substance that has a great absorbing capacity which mattifies the face and gives an instant glow.


₹150 for 8gms of product. [Pretty affordable!]

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My Experience

My wheatish complexion is adapted to the “Marble'' shade of this super-fresh compact. 

I have an oily T-zone and a sweaty nose which usually mars my makeup look. 

Ever since I have started using this product, I am content with the results it gives. It leaves my skin feeling refreshed after the attack of oil and sweat. 

It absorbs oil and sweat like a sponge and works for more than 3 hours but definitely not up to 12 hours as it proudly claims to.

It is travel friendly which makes it easier to carry for touch-ups that's why it’s working time doesn’t bother me much. 

The compact gives a subtle coverage, you cannot wear this as a base. It doesn’t conceal or makes you fair, it just absorbs!

maybelline compact review


  • Protects from Sunrays
  • Travel friendly
  • Affordable
  • Instantly refreshes face
  • Works up to 5 hours


  • Does not work up to 12 hours
  • No shade for dark skin beauties


Keeping its price range in mind, I would definitely recommend you to get this to quickly refresh your skin. It would not help you set your makeup if you have really oily skin. 

It definitely lives up to its name and really gives an instant super-fresh look.

Try it out for yourself and tell us your experience on social media, where we are waiting for you with many useful tips in the store.

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